Our sectoral expertise

Market entry strategy

  • Feasibility assessment of the As-Is and To-Be operations structure and processes
  • Design of go-to market entry strategy & creation of business plan, operating model & process design

Business plan / target operating model

  • Assessment of current state, followed by a detailed design of the desired future state
  • Creation of proposed business strategy, detailed operating model & financial plan

Business process re-engineering

  • Mapping As-Is Processes and identifying the problems, issues and expectations (PIEs)
  • Re-design of processes using lean and six sigma principles and activity-based costing and budgeting

Cost optimisation

  • Identification of strategic cost optimisation levers to achieve the greatest potential for savings
  • Propose a new and flexible operating model and define a restructured cost base

Shared services centre

  • Conducting feasibility assessment and developing operations blueprint for creation of SSC
  • Set-up of SSC including structure, process and technology alignment

Growth / revenue enhancement

  • Analyse revenue trends & profitability by product, brand, geography, channel & key customers to identify new sources of growth and future customer needs
  • Create growth strategy & identify growth vehicles for its delivery

Assessment, gap analysis and innovation

  • Assessment of current market scenario and Gap Analysis to identify potential areas of need
  • Develop a complete digital transformation strategy, with a focus on innovations where possible

Hemant Jhajhria



Explore our Financial services sector

Strategy & Planning

  • Healthcare market entry strategy
  • Feasibility studies
  • Diversifying client businesses into newer growth areas with innovative business models

Financial Advisory

  • Financial, commercial and operational due-diligence
  • Private equity fund raising; Merger & Acquisitions strategy

Operations Transformation

  • Operations optimisation and EBIDTA improvement
  • SOP formulation and internal audit of processes
  • Supply chain management and efficiency improvement
  • Activity Based Costing for procedures and departments
  • Post Merger Integration and PMO support

Government, PSUs and Public Health

  • Transaction advisory for Public Private Partnership
  • Institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • Business process re-engineering and review of existing processes

People and Organisation

  • KPI setting for key personnel and departments; Benchmarking of key HR metrics'
  • Benchmarking HR policies and processes

Information and Technology

  • eHealth Strategy; Healthcare IT Strategy & Architecture; IT Systems Review; Business Intelligence, Information Management & Data Analytics; Business Systems Integration; Emerging Technology Propositions; Vendor Evaluation; Enterprise Risk Management

Dr. Rana Mehta



Explore our Healthcare sector

Market Entry / Growth Strategy

  • Create and implement Market Entry and Growth strategies to facilitate organic growth
  • Product Portfolio, sizing, structuring, business plan and implementation
  • New Therapy area entry, Country entry, Market (Hospital, Generics, Rural) etc.
  • Assessment of demand, pricing strategy, competitor profile etc.
  • Program Management Support for Implementation

Commercial Operating Model

  • Designing new commercial models, CFA rationalization, Network design, Go to Market strategy etc.

Supply Chain Management

  • Improve efficiency and responsiveness of operations in manufacturing and distribution
  • Supply chain optimization with respect to GST implementation

Manufacturing Quality Excellence

  • Institute systems and processes which enhance manufacturing quality and compliance with USFDA requirements

Salesforce Effectiveness

  • Improve salesforce effectiveness - Structure, compensation plans, performance management, processes, training and reinforcement

Sujay Shetty



Explore our Pharma sector

Growth Strategy & Sales Enablement

  • Development of growth strategy
  • Identification of growth initiatives related to - product, market, customer
  • Design & Implementation of Sales improvement initiatives

Supply Chain Optimisation

  • Design and optimisation of supply chain network
  • Flow path optimisation
  • Primary and Secondary transportation – Capacity, loading efficiency, lane rate
  • Warehouse design and utilization
  • Logistics cost

Cost Reduction

  • Direct cost reduction
  • Indirect cost reduction
  • Benchmarking

Technology-led Transformation

  • Process and technology transformation
  • Value realisation
  • Digital solutions

Telco Business Planning & Strategy

  • Strategic Advisory – Strategy, Bid Advisory, Outsourcing, Performance Management, & RA
  • Operations Performance Improvement
  • Support Functions Performance Improvement

Data Analytics-Driven Customer Insight

  • Big Data Capability, Internal & External Monetization, & Specific Network Firms Support

Telco PMO Support for Roll Out

  • Project Planning & Delivery, Cost Control & Budget Management, Cash Flow Management ● Fraud Management, Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Monitoring & Report Analysis, Baseline Deviation Analysis

Telco Opex and Capex Optimisation

  • Maximizing Technology Capex, Review and Renegotiate Existing Contracts

Telco Asset Life Cycle Management

  • End to End Process Design for Management of Critical Assets and establish Commercial, Tax, and Financial Control Drivers through Integration of Process Design, Audit, Technology, & Financial Books

Forensic Services & Organisation Specific Support

  • PwC India has a team with combined experience of 75 years to steer specific Organization concern’s backed with Thought Leadership & Technology Infrastructure

Aditya Rao



Explore our Telecom sector

Strategic services

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Business development, M&A
  • Industry Intelligence & Perspectives
  • Training, Implementation and architecture review

Core operations services

  • Product development & Innovation
  • Procurement & Supplier Quality
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing & Operations

Corporate functions services

  • Corporate Audit & Risk
  • Tax
  • Finance, Accounting & Forensics
  • Human resources
  • Office General Council

Technology enablement

  • Technology & Shared Services

Kavan Mukhtyar



Explore our Automotive sector

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