Litigation Management Solution

Challenges in the conventional approach to litigation management

Ineffective coordination among multiple teams/consultants managing disputes across various geographic locations and taxes
Inefficient leveraging of organised institutional knowledge
Lack of bird’s eye view and insights on pending litigations across the organisation
Storage/retrieval of physical records (which are relied on heavily) for pending litigation matters
Monitoring of payments, security, guarantees, costs, year-end provisioning, etc., at the organisation level

Technology-enabled solution is necessary for effective litigation management

Key benefits of PwC's Litigation Management Solution

PwC’s Litigation Management Solution prepares a case itinerary of all events and alerts users on the actions to be taken.

Accuracy and time saving due to complete case history and guidance at one place
Single repository of multiple documents and their built up viz. annexures, supporting documents and drafts
Mitigates risk of taking inconsistent positions – Issue wise insights
Reduces errors of omission and duplication
Improved litigation strategy using data analytics and insights
Easier collaboration with counsels/ consultants
De-risking loss due to change of team/ consultants

Key feature of PwC's Litigation Management Solution

Capable of handling the entire spectrum of litigation (assessments, writs, etc.) across all laws (tax, labour, civil, criminal, etc.)

Overall framework

Business roles


  • Manages entities
  • Manages users
  • Manages system configuration


  • Manages cases/ events
  • Manage task through workflow
  • Get inputs from customised reports


PwC’s Litigation Management Solution is a web-based solution. Both on-premise and cloud hosting are available.

Why PwC

  1. Proven track record in the tax tech space (ASP Solution, EWB Solution, 1 Compliance tool, TDS solution, etc.)
  2. Backed by a strong team of tax, litigation and technology professionals
  3. Seamless integration with existing PwC’s solutions/app

 Litigation Management Solution portal view

 Litigation Management Solution portal view

 Litigation Management Solution portal view (contd.)

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