You too can make a difference!

Contributed by Gurgaon Advisory Manager Amit Tiwari 

When a mail reaches your inbox with an opportunity to contribute to society - don’t hesitate. Our involvement in our work is such that it is very difficult for most of us to take time out from our schedule and participate.

I am one of you! One who desires to contribute whole-heartedly but fails to know how and when, due to our work commitments. However, when the opportunity to impart my knowledge and skills came via PwC India Foundation’s School for Social Entrepreneurs programme, I was excited to know more.

After interacting with the team of SSE, I was not only convinced but eager to meet the entrepreneurs who are determined to make a change. I engaged with them through a session on an overview of roadmap and framework for how financial decisions are made.

SSE India is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to reach out to more social entrepreneurs. They aim to support close to 500 budding entrepreneurs by 2022. Please click here in case you’d like to support them in this cause.

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