We rise by lifting others

Contributed by Gurgaon Advisory Analyst Anjali Arora

“We rise by lifting others” - Robert Ingersoll

These five simple words are packed with more meaning than one can imagine. The beauty of this phrase is that, one simply cannot feel the depth of it by just reading it. You have to actually experience it or might I say practice the Intent.

I came to realise this some time back with the Mentoring and Development Programme by PwCIF. The journey to this realisation is not the one with difficulty but with something far more daunting - Responsibility.

Under this programme, each volunteer was assigned a mentee, whom they would meet once a month to interact and educate each other on anything and everything under the sun. Yes, you read that right - educate each other. While we, as volunteers planned each session for our mentees, I felt that at the end of the day we were more emotionally and intellectually uplifted. With every interaction, we understood the true adversities of life and the roadblocks they faced. These problems didn’t make them WEAK and despite the financial problems, these families strive to survive and send their children to school.

My mentee, Parul Saini was a ninth standard girl, who came from a family of six and is the youngest amongst the three sisters and a brother. Parul was very smart and ambitious and wanted to grow up to become a teacher.

I sincerely thank the CR team and PwCIF for such a wonderful experience and especially want to thank Parul for giving me this Realisation.

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