Saving the planet, together!

PwCIF organised a series of activities for the World Environment Week

This year’s environment week celebration saw all the regions coming together enthusiastically for a common cause.

Planting 1800+ trees across different regions, creating bird feeders, cleaning up rivers, recycling old sarees to make bags, collecting our unused paper from the office, segregating waste along with waste pickers - all of these initiatives that seem small actually have a long lasting impact.

The CR team is truly humbled by the participation and dedication of the PwC family that puts our values into action.

The launch of the ‘Environment Management Policy’ by Satyavati Berera, the COO of PwC India is a positive step ahead in addressing our impact on the environment. We, as a firm will undertake robust initiatives to remain a socially responsible organisation by being proactive. This policy will determine the amount of energy and resources that we consume.

Efforts towards preserving energy have been adopted by Ahmedabad, Gurgaon 8C and Dhaka offices by installing LED lights, procuring green paper and using recycle paper to use as notepads in Gurgaon and Bangalore offices.

We wish to you thank you all once again for stepping up and demonstrating our commitment to do the right thing.

Let’s hear from some of our volunteers:

“Tree planting event was an extraordinary experience for me as I got to be part of an initiative to do something good for the planet. I liked the activity so much that I have decided to be part of these events next year and the years to come. The overall experience was extremely gratifying, purposeful and memorable.”

Dhiren Shah, Ahmedabad

“We were 144 people from all over Pune who had come together to clean a very small stretch of the river. The experience was quite enriching. The kind of dedication and energy that was portrayed and the amount of hard work that people showed was inspirational. I realised what we are doing is a miniscule effort considering the level of waste that has accumulated in the river. We need more such efforts. Such public-private partnerships are the need of the hour.”

- Dipti Shah, Pune

“For someone who visited an NGO for the first time, the experience couldn’t have been better! Not only did we learn the art of making paper baskets, but the icing on the cake was we got to interact with these exceptionally talented kids! They were full of zeal and confidence. Few performances by them uplifted our mood! I strongly recommend my fellow colleagues to take out time for such initiatives by PwC. Just a simple conversation with these bright kids will leave you with a wide smile.”

– Vidhi Sharma, Gurgaon

“On 8 June 2017, we placed six bird feed stations in our office building. Today, we can hear birds sing in our office backyard. We are so pleased with this initiative that I have ordered two such feeders for home as well.”

- N Madan, Chennai

“It really boosts my morale as an individual when I am able to contribute towards the betterment of the nation and the environment. I believe, if all of us are able to do our bit, the world will become much cleaner and a healthier place to live in. When I received the mail on paper recycling, I was highly motivated by the team and together, we collected 91 kg of trash. I am glad that my small initiative contributed in cleaning most of the trash which was long awaited! Thank you PwC India Foundation!”

- Ekta Seth, Gurgaon

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