Energy, Utilities and Resources

We provide advisory services to oil and gas, power and utilities, mining and metals, and chemical companies.

The energy sector is undergoing internal and external transformation worldwide. New participants working across industry boundaries have the potential to disrupt and change the sector in ways that cannot be wholly foreseen. In these exciting times, PwC is ready to assist its clients in the energy sector and help them prepare for disruption, respond to crises and emerge stronger. 

How PwC can help

We assist you in enabling energy transformation, designing policy and regulatory frameworks, reforming industry and market designs, and facilitating investments in energy markets.

We support utilities in transforming business models, enhancing revenues, optimising costs, managing capital-intensive programmes and assisting in the digital- and people-transformation journey of energy companies. We focus on outcomes to deliver superior people, customer and investor value.

Our in-depth industry knowledge is complemented by an extensive global network of over 17,000 people and a dedicated sector-focused practice with over 350 professionals to meet client needs.

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Clean Energy

We assist you with your clean-energy transition and in adapting and emerging stronger. Decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitisation are an integral part of this transition that also addresses the energy trilemma of affordability, environment and security.

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Mining and Metals

Mining is a crucial contributor to the growth and strategic security of the Indian economy. The disruptive forces of energy security concerns, recent policy changes, innovative technology and new entrants are reshaping mining.

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Oil and Gas

Oil companies are faced with an increasing demand for reduction in emissions, and the need to adopt newer ways of meeting fuel and feedstock demand.

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Power and Utilities

The electricity industry in India has evolved significantly to provide a wide range of opportunities across the value chain, in both regulated as well as deregulated businesses.

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Smart Utilities

Advancement of digital technologies presents a transformational opportunity for the utilities sector. Innovations already used in many other industries, such as decentralised production, real-time analytics pulled from big data, sensor networks, and mobile computing, are changing the contours and competitive balance of utilities.

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