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Digital Enablement Advisory

Explore, innovate, build and sustain

Rapidly changing global business landscapes and the emergence of technology disruptions put organisations under increasing pressure to re-evaluate their strategies. PwC can help you strengthen your objectives by navigating around these complexities.

Rapid change meets limitless computing power

Tackling the challenges arising from rapid change requires skills and tools that match this pace. Cloud technologies have arguably been the single largest factor to silently influence the major changes the world over. Whether it be the advent of social media, the promises of big data analytics, evolution of artificial intelligence, and the explosion of smartphones or the eventuality of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing had a significant role to play. While nearly every workload within an organisation’s IT infrastructure can be replicated on cloud, PwC understands that this may not be in-line with your budget, timelines or many other internal parameters. As a trusted advisor, PwC can help you build the infrastructure most relevant to your business constraints and aspirations. This may result in either moving entirely to the cloud or maintaining a hybrid IT infrastructure. To help with your cloud journey, PwC has four broad offerings for your consideration. 


Shivendra Singh

Executive Director
Digital Enablement Advisory

Enabling markets digitally with business on the cloud

Today, the cloud is viewed as a business priority or a business necessity. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and firms in the mid-market segment have realised the pressing need to make the transition to digital. Be it an SMB with a turnover of a hundred thousand dollars or a multi-billion dollar organisation, every entity sees IT as the foundation for its business to operate and propagate. With the rise of business opportunities, an organisation cannot afford to spend a significant amount of its time and money on its IT architecture and platform when it should be focusing on its business engagements. Given the plethora of cloud vendors, a CEO is now under continual pressure to focus on the patterns of deliverables and not be diverted by the platform supporting them.

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Our differentiators

Industry expertise

Deep experience with market issues and trends impacting specific industries 

Agile methodology

A holistic, but agile approach to solution development and value delivery

Strategy to execution capabilities

Deliver capabilities spanning strategy to execution

Innovation labs

PwC labs for Emerging Technology Research and Technology Innovation Centers

Business perspective

Extensive insight and understanding of the business and what matters to customers, the C-level and shareholders


A collaborative approach to solution development enabling the acceleration of change within the organisation

Global presence

Local presence and expertise in almost every country in the world

Other offerings

PwC Enforce

With renewed attention on statutory compliances, regulators also need the board of directors to focus on value management and value protection by doing a formal review of compliance obligations. As a result, corporations are looking to replace informal compliance frameworks with well structured, documented and demonstrable compliance structures that help management monitor and report compliance risk and exposure as well as compliance status to the Board.

e-nForce™ plus is a highly intuitive, task oriented software which streamlines organisation’s statutory compliance processes. Built as a web-based application on SharePoint Foundation Services 2013 platform, it uses SQL Server for the configuration, data storage and backend requirements. The application can flex and scale easily to meet the changing and growing needs of business using the scaling and load balancing capabilities of Windows, SharePoint Foundation 2013 and MS SQL server.

PwC Insights as a Service

PIaaS is a fully managed and ready to deploy solution that allows organisations to get actionable insights and business outcomes at speed with flexible commercials. PIaaS is a 4-tier architecture that includes insight consumption, insight generation, data storage and data integration all encapsulated within our own proprietary security framework. PwC has a team of data modelers, data architects, data scientists, mathematicians, industry experts, story tellers, graphic designers and more to deliver your next data analytics project.

PwC Digital Foundation Platform (DFP)

As digital drives every enterprise to re-imagine itself, innovation is the top agenda item on the mind of most business leaders. IT requires a new paradigm to respond to market requirements. Bimodal capability that marries the rock-solid with the agile is essential for an enterprise to survive and flourish in the digital era. PwC’s DFP helps organisations Kickstart Innovation (30x improvement in agility through rapid development & deployment), empower development teams (self-service on demand project environment in minutes), monitor & optimise costs (visibility across clouds and projects. Cost optimisation recommendations) and manage risk (curated catalogues and tool standardisation). DFP is offered as a SaaS product hosted on Microsoft Azure.

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Shivendra  Singh

Shivendra Singh

Executive Director, Digital Enablement Advisory, PwC India

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