Creating cyber secure smart cities

Sep 26, 2018

Through this knowledge paper, we want to lay emphasis on the importance of cyber security and the need to evaluate the existing landscape and understand the criticality of taking up India-specific challenges head-on. Our analysis and evaluation of the smart cities project suggests that there is an immediate need to tighten the screws for secure and uninterrupted transmission and flow of information/data over a wide and complex network. Unaddressed vulnerabilities will most likely serve as backdoors for cyber intruders.

We have prescribed action items to assist different smart city stakeholders and create a strategy for cyber security implementation and oversight. A well-coordinated and direct approach is recommended, must be adopted and worked upon. The action items are a result of a careful, exhaustive evaluation of the global best practices for the protection of smart cities and the guidelines of the Indian government. The paper will assist organisations, agencies and governments in India engaged in building strong defences against cyberthreats. Robust cyber security measures will help citizens repose trust in smart cities.

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