FinTech for Bank insurance and other financial services

PwC India’s corporate finance consulting experts are engaged at all points of the innovation ecosystem – tracking innovation as it happens, identifying promising start-ups, and determining how Financial Services companies can collaborate with start-ups by integrating their technologies with existing business processes.

PwC FinTech business consulting practice helps incumbents stay abreast of emerging trends and leverage new start-ups that will either propel, or undermine, their business.  We monitor shifting customer behaviors, evolving distribution channels, the changing regulatory environment, and emerging products and services to help banks, insurers, payments providers, and other financial services firms assess and act on these changing industry dynamics.

Our Solutions

Rapid Innovation Framework

Rapid Innovation Framework, FinTech initiatives

This PwC flagship solution is a three-phase iterative programme that has been designed to ensure you drive tangible business benefits from all your other FinTech initiatives. Our FinTech team will help you to identify and validate right FinTech partners from PwC FinTech community and all your FinTech initiatives, run experiments with them and embed their solutions into your business.

Innovation Workshops


Innovation Workshops - FinTech for Banks

These two-to-four-day workshops are designed to help executives in banking, capital markets, insurance, investment services, and payments better understand the FinTech landscape. Strategic decision-makers will exit workshops with an enhanced understanding of how new technologies and processes can advance business goals.

PwC @Scale

PwC’s @Scale, FinTech initiatives

PwC’s @Scale platform is a collection of emerging companies that PwC has vetted extensively. These firms have compelling technologies that can address our clients’ problems. We help clients integrate the best tools and processes from the evolving FinTech marketplace, in turn converting threats into new revenue opportunities.

PwC FinTech Assist


PwC FinTech Assist, FinTech for Banks

This domain specific solution focuses on providing services of PwC’s Fintech Analysts and Subject Matter Experts to help you choose right FinTech startups in your domain of choice. We will analyze the alignment of startups to your business, conduct commercial due-diligence and perform filtration of selected startups based on parameters important for your business.


DeNovo platform, FinTech products, FinTech for Banks

This is a new strategy consulting platform designed to help decision makers understand how and where innovation will impact their business strategy and what to do about it. DeNovo cuts through all the FinTech noise to deliver proprietary content and insights written by our dedicated team of more than 50 subject matter experts and research analysts in real time.

Business Impact Assessment

Business Impact Assessment, FinTech for Banks

PwC's subject matter experts will help you identify pain areas by conducting workshops with your division heads. We will help you select most business impacting pain areas and map them to specific FinTech products available in the market to improve your efficiency and keep pace with the fast-changing industry.

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