Tomorrow’s Horizon: Leadership Journey

Building leadership in India, for India and the world

The interconnected opportunities and challenges of the future create a completely new canvas for leadership - one which involves "expanding wider" for ecosystem impact and “extending farther” for generating new future-focused possibilities. 

Tomorrows Horizon: Leadership Journey is PwC Indias first-of-its-kind intervention to build leadership for this evolving context focusing on the opportunity in India.

What’s unique about Tomorrow’s Horizon: Leadership Journey?

This programme adopts an integrative and interdisciplinary lens to building leadership in India, for India and the world. Through this journey, leaders gain two unique approaches to scale their impact on the wider ecosystem.

Multi-stakeholder approach

Learning how to scale their impact through the perspectives of various stakeholder groups such as academia, government, media, future workforce and technology players.

Multi-dimensional approach

Learning through the lens of different disciplines and domains that will help leaders build new perspectives and identify new and progressive areas of opportunities for their organisation.

The first wave of this six months journey was launched in February 2023, by bringing together a community of leaders across some of the largest organisations in India to help them gain multidimensional and multi-stakeholder perspectives and co-create impact for the India ecosystem.

What does the journey look like?

Participants start their Tomorrow’s Horizon: Leadership Journey by defining a compelling future-focused mission statement for their organisation which goes beyond their current team or business and requires ecosystem thinking. During the three days session the focus is on:

  • Deepening the understanding of the five global forces reshaping our collective future through the ADAPT framework (asymmetry, disruption, age, polarisation, trust) and then going deeper into the pillars of India’s transformative growth and rising opportunity on the global stage​.
  • Broadening the lens to assimilate the perspectives of multiple stakeholder groups (like academia, technology, government, workforce of the future, and media) on India’s growth story​.
  • Diversifying​ by identifying opportunities for cross-pollination across industries and opportunities to navigate interconnected challenges e.g., sustainability.
  • Converging and generating new possibilities for the future​: After assimilating diverging inputs across the days, each organisational group converges to reframe their mission​ and imagines novel possibilities for the desired end state for the mission through creative visualisation.
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Tomorrow’s Horizon: Leadership Journey

Phase 2 focuses on translating the mission into tangible outcomes and elevating participants’ approaches to problem solving through multidisciplinary inputs and reflection spaces.

  • The future forward labs: Each mission team is assigned an expert advisor for periodic mission connects to guide and challenge the mission team. ​
  • Meet-ups: Perspective-building and introspection using a novel lens from different disciplines (art, philosophy, behavioural economics, etc.) to interact on common themes across industries. ​
  • Community of practice:​ Curated learning nudges to help participants enhance their knowledge and share insights with each other throughout the journey.
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The voice of participants

horizon voice of participants

Tomorrows Horizon: Leadership Journey represents a fresh and future-focused outlook to building leadership in India, for India and the world. If you are keen to participate in this journey of shaping leadership for tomorrow and want to learn more about it, please get in touch.

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