Our multi-disciplinary and experienced sustainability team helps companies understand their challenges, associated business impacts and the opportunities that arise from embracing sustainability.

We establish environmental, health, safety, social and economic risks, recommend and develop strategic value-added solutions and help implement organisational change and process improvements.

We work in three areas:

  • Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory
  • Sustainable Supply Chains and Responsible Investment
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory

CSR Compliance

Several Indian companies have been implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmers, either on their own, through a dedicated non-profit arm or by funding a few of their NGO partners. The Companies Act (2013) and the revised CSR rules (released in February 2014), takes this agenda of CSR further and makes it a compliance and board-level issue, thereby facilitating increased and conscious social spending.

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Sambitosh Mohapatra

Sambitosh Mohapatra

Partner, ESG Leader, PwC India

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