We provide support for the transformative trends observed in GCCs, with a spotlight on the emergence of transformation hubs. These hubs signify a shift towards full ownership by GCCs, involving substantial engagement in product conceptualisation and the establishment of clear career paths for specialised skills.

Operating as innovation centres, these hubs incorporate emerging technologies like cloud, generative AI, AI/ML and blockchain – often through collaborative partnerships. Moreover, there is a notable emphasis on advanced risk and regulation within GCCs, specialising in cybersecurity, regulatory technology and risk analytics.

More recently. there’s also been an increasing emphasis on new hubs for as-a-service transformation and customer-centric development, which contribute to policy formulation, leverage service capabilities and introduce higher management roles to drive strategic initiatives.

Some of our Services

  • Process assessment and Re-design
  • Vendor Assessment and Optimisation
  • Impact and Maturity Assessment
  • Talent Assessment and Optimisation Strategy
  • Hub for as-a-service Transformation
  • Organisation Transformation
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Operations Transformation
  • IT function Transformation
  • ERP-led Transformation
  • HR Transformation
  • Change and Adoption Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Finance Transformation
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