Capital Markets Advisory - Investor Relations

Investor relations is a strategic function to drive the right dialogue between the company and the capital markets. It aims for long-term shareholder value creation by comprehending shareholder’s insights and expectations while mitigating any risk of information asymmetry. An effective investor relations firm focuses on an outcome by earning the trust of the capital markets stakeholders and on overall perception management.

The Capital Markets Advisory offers customised services tailored to fit the investor relations maturity of clients; delivered via flexible engagement models – iInvestor relations advisory pre and post listing.

Companies can create and protect long-term shareholder value by doing IR consistently, over a period of time.

The Investor Engagement Program Framework

Evaluate - PwC India


  • Assess the current function and identify gaps
  • Align with best practices
  • Capital markets feedback
Establish - PwC India


  • IR plan design and implementation
  • IR governance and operating model
Execute - PwC India


  • Execute activities as per the operating model
  • Knowledge transfer
  • KPI reporting
  • Continuous feedback
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