Business Recovery Services

A tough and volatile economic climate, rapid market changes, new competitors, and disruptive technologies – any or all of these factors can cause financial stress.
Left unaddressed, they may ultimately threaten corporate survival. However, as companies often exhibit symptoms of stress well before any crisis ensues, an opportunity is provided to take decisive corrective action.
Financial stress can be caused by a number of different factors. It is critical for companies and their stakeholders to quickly recognise the key signs of stress and take action to preserve value.
The key to preserving value for all stakeholders is spotting the warning signs early and obtaining specialist help quickly.

How we can help

We lead financial restructuring projects from start to end

Through our diverse offerings, PwC can provide solutions to various business liquidity and restructuring needs. Our professionals focus on the entire continuum of reorganisations. Through our experience, we have noted that larger the lead time, the more options a business may have. And if a company does utilise bankruptcy, the filings should be viewed as a way to open doors, and not the other way around.

  • Working capital optimization
  • Cash flow monitoring for lenders
  • Business plan review
  • Development of a turnaround plan
  • Negotiation with stakeholders 
  • Interim financing
  • Bringing in investors from global network
  • Working with stressed assets investor category
  • Third party funding for claims in certain sectors
  • Fund raising for stressed assets

  • Bankruptcy filing preparation
  • Resolution professional services 
  • Bid evaluation for lenders
  • Negotiation with creditors
  • Develop plan of reorganization
  • Enterprise valuation
  • Liquidation services and portfolio sales
  • Claim verification
  • Insolvency process monitoring /implementation
  • End-to-end CIR process advisory for a successful and speedy resolution

PwC has the capabilities to help clients through an entire continuum of a business’ life cycle. Due to our extensive experience in business plan optimisation, due diligence, tax, valuation, complex accounting and access to capital markets, PwC is able to help our clients maximise their opportunities and value throughout the business life cycle.

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