PwC India launches Cloud Technology Development Programme in five campuses

​​​Friday, 17 ​​March 2023 – PwC India today announced the launch of​ a new​ Cloud Technology Development Programme, an 18-month long (three semesters) credit course on Salesforce training aimed at third-year computer engineering graduates and post-graduates (B.Tech and M.Tech students). The goal of the programme is to make the next generation of students future ready by equipping them with the skills relevant in a digital-first economy.

In its first phase, the Cloud Technology Development Programme will enroll 500 students across five regional engineering institutes. The collaboration will integrate industry-specific knowledge into the curricul​um​​ ​and provide avenues for students to learn digital skills needed for the future.

Padmaja Alaganandan, Chief People Officer, PwC India said, “As we move toward a complex, dynamic and tech-enabled future, the need for industry and academia to come together to integrate digital skills into the curriculum becomes more important than ever. Our long-term goal is to help develop a strong tech talent pool and build stronger tech communities that are needed to solve important problems in India and the world.“

As part of the programme, students will be able to learn Salesforce skills through curated trails mapped to the National Occupation Standard (NOS). The course will be a mix of in-class and virtual learning with PwC experts investing 40 hours in teaching time during the full course. Students completing their internship with PwC will be awarded a certificate for the completion of internship.

Speaking about the programme, Anjumara Syed, Partner & Salesforce Technology Competency Leader at PwC India said, “PwC India’s Cloud Technology Development Programme will empower students with the right skills and build a robust talent pool that will accelerate sustainable growth, drive greater productivity and businesses resiliency. We are delighted to associate with a strong partner like Salesforce that is equally motivated and committed to building a thriving tech community in India.”

"Collaboration between industry and academia is instrumental in creating and advancing new-age skills and drivers for sustainable development. The "Cloud Technology Development Programme" is positioned to serve our commitment towards fostering industry ready talent that encourages innovation and excellence by creating a skilled workforce that builds trust in society and looks at supporting our clients and India’s growth story,” said Joydeep Roy, Managing Director – Human Capital & Talent Supply Chain Leader, PwC India.

Sanket Atal, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Salesforce India said, “As we continue to navigate in a digital first world, the need for reskilling has never been more important. We're proud t​o be working with PwC​​ ​​to help ​clos​e​​ ​the skills gap​ ​ ​and empower ​the next generation with the skills required to build a successful career​ in tech​.”

​​​​​The Cloud Technology Development Programme is one of the many ways in which PwC India is working with academia to boost their curricula and make it more industry relevant. PwC India recently launched the PwC ESG Research and Innovation Forum in partnership with the Indian Institute of Management (Ahmedabad). This forum aims to play an important role in initiating the right conversations within the ESG space in India and in contributing towards thought leadership in ESG research, industry use cases and timely policy interventions. Among other initiatives, PwC India also hosted Campus Contender 3.0 last year that connects with the brightest minds from leading B-schools across the country to give them the opportunity to present innovative ideas on solving some of the biggest problems that organisations are facing today.

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