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The retail and consumer industry vertical of PwC is proud to present a series of reports for a value retailer operating or trying to set up operations in India. These reports present a perspective on some of the most critical business challenges being faced by value retailers today. Be it costs, processes or technology, this series of 5 reports aims to provide retailers with valuable insights on winning in a complex and competitive business environment.

Cracking the code on cost

This report discusses on how to make higher discounts on MRP a profitable proposition by leveraging an optimal customer experience and optimising store operational costs. Summary of contents covered as part of this report include:

  1. Designing an effective customer acquisition strategy 
  2. Leveraging customer journey maps to design the optimum customer experience
  3. Identify various expense levers that could help a value retailer build sustainable cost advantage
  4. Benchmarking costs with industry standards and key players
  5. Exploring implementation options and model scenarios for each cost head
  6. Identification of short and long term cost optimisation opportunities

Winning daily through process excellence

This report discusses the need for processes, SOPs and trainings to drive day to day operational excellence at the store. It lays out the ideal process and reporting framework across store operations, merchandizing and supply chain operations. Summary of contents covered as part of this report include:

  1. List of key processes for store operations, merchandizing & supply chain
  2. SOPs for top 15 processes to manage retail store
  3. Managing daily store operations through metrics

Optimal IT footprint for a value retailer

This report provides a perspective of the ideal IT footprint required by a value retailer. It analyses various IT and digital systems in order to provide a point of view on the optimal IT footprint required for growth. Summary of contents covered as part of this report include:

  1. Defining IT landscape for a value food & grocery retailer
  2. Defining high level business capabilities for IT systems required at home office & stores
  3. Potential suppliers for the above systems
  4. Developing evaluation criteria and methodology for shortlisting the above IT systems
  5. Defining the optimal IT infrastructure required at the home office and stores

Designing an effective merchandising strategy for a value retailer

This report provides an appropriate framework for planning and executing the right merchandizing strategy for food and grocery retailers in India. Summary of contents covered as part of this report include:

  1. Identifying categories to play, win & show
  2. Benchmarking competitor sales mix, margin structures, brand & SKU mix for a value retailer
  3. Evaluating sourcing alternatives to understand value chain costs for categories/ sub-categories
  4. Designing customer centric assortment
  5. Designing customer centric pricing strategy
  6. Determining macro store layout, category adjacencies & merchandize flow for a value retailer

Winning with effective merchandise execution

This report discusses the importance of executing the merchandizing strategy on the ground. It brings together people, processes and tools to ensure successful merchandize execution. Summary of contents covered as part of this report include:

  1. Sales and operations planning with vendors
  2. Developing and executing the right planograms
  3. Executing the optimal supply flow strategy
  4. Optimally executing in store communication

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