Private Equity services

We assist in structuring a fund in the most tax-efficient manner. We address issues such as tax positions of your investors and the impact on your carried interest or co-investment schemes, when the fund makes investments.

Our services include the following:

Conceptualisation - PwC India


  • Selecting an appropriate structure based on commercial objectives and analysing alternative structures from a tax and regulatory perspective
  • Setting the fund in India or outside and determining the jurisdictions for making India investments
Structuring Indian presence - PwC India

Structuring Indian presence

  • Structuring the presence in India
  • Analysing the need for setting up an Indian advisory company
  • Advising on payment structuring of carried interest to Indian personnel
Implementation - PwC India


  • Implementing the agreed structure, helping set up entities and liaising with consultants and administrators
  • Obtaining Indian regulatory approvals, wherever applicable
  • Reviewing agreements and documents from an Indian tax and regulatory standpoint

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Sanjeev Krishan

Sanjeev Krishan

Chairperson, PwC India

Tel: +91 124 330 6017

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