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Developed and emerging economies are witnessing several external and internal challenges, ranging from climate change, accelerated urbanisation, governance issues, financial constraints, capacity issues, and outdated policies and processes. There have been considerable efforts by all stakeholders to address the development challenges with focus on quality of life, business/investment reforms, increased technology adoption and increased integration with the global economy.

To achieve the outcome of these efforts, there is a need to address these challenges at speed and scale by adopting innovative solutions that are contextualised to local requirements, respond to the traditional structures, address the fundamental problems, and are futuristic and implementable. Further, these innovative solutions need to help in channelising the efforts of all stakeholders including private sector, government, multilateral agencies, financial institutions, citizens, academia, etc. to achieve the overall economic objective.

Our Economic Advisory Services (EAS) team has been supporting clients in these efforts by helping to channelise the efforts of all stakeholders in achieving the overall economic objectives. Our EAS team helps clients in conceptualising, developing and implementing such solutions while also ensuring that sustainability, resilience, liveability, inclusion, justice and parity issues are incorporated in these solutions. These in turn help the clients in ensuring that while the economy continues to grow, the quality of growth is prioritised, to realize the benefits of population dividend and the larger economic opportunity that exist.

The EAS team comprises approximately 125 techno-commercial professionals with significant domestic and international experience of serving clients in the private sector, public sector, and multilateral/ bilateral funding agencies.

The geographical coverage of assignments undertaken by the EAS team spans multiple countries including Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Caribbean countries, China, Mongolia, Georgia, Ghana, Indonesia, Laos, Malawi, Maldives, Middle East (UAE and Saudi Arabia), Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Marshall Islands and East Africa.

Our expertise

The Public Financial Management (PFM) practice has been working for nearly two decades with national, sub-national, local governments and state-owned enterprises across the world as well as key donors. Projects undertaken by the PFM team involve development of strategies / roadmaps for PFM reforms, development/ strengthening of PFM legal and regulatory frameworks, design and implementation of fiscal policy planning, development of strategies for fiscal management, strengthening financial management information systems, diagnostic assessments and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, capacity building and change management for PFM reforms, monitoring and evaluation of PFM reform effectiveness, financial sector development including monetary policy, and capital markets and insurance sector interventions of the development agencies

An intrinsic component of these projects has been training and capacity building of government counterparts working with the PFM team on specific modules. In addition, the team has gained traction in the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA)/Fiduciary Risk Assessment (FRA) area with assignments across South Asia and Africa. PwC India has been the pioneer in providing advisory services to governments in the South Asian region in the PFM domain and has unmatched experience across South Asia, East and Central Asia and also in Africa.

Our Urban and Rural Economic Services practice is one of the leading advisors in the sector. Our end-to-end cross-functional service offerings span across water supply, circular economy, sewerage and sanitation, housing, disaster and resilience, sports and related services.

The end-to-end cross-functional solutions of the URES practice provide innovative and integrated solutions to clients, which very few competitors can provide. Having completed engagements across the project lifecycles, process flows and value chains in each sector, right from project conceptualisation and programme management to capacity building and impact assessment, the team has unique perspectives that help them solve urban and rural problems with a multi-functional approach.

The practice has over 15 years of experience in working with clients in the private sector, public sector and across all levels of government as well as key donors. The team has delivered engagements across Bangladesh, Maldives, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Solomon Islands, Africa and the Middle East.

The Economics and Public Policy practice consists of specialists who apply quantitative techniques/econometric models in developing solutions for clients. The team has a group of economists, statisticians and behavioural specialists offering unique solutions to clients in the public and private sectors. For over half a decade, the team has been helping clients in devising strategies, studies, reports, policy recommendations and application tools.

Our work stream is tuned in such a way that it benefits both start-ups and mature firms. We apply various empirical methodologies in developing solutions for clients. Our service offerings include microeconometric modelling, statistical modelling, geospatial modelling, impact evaluations, survey design and management, macroeconomic modelling, financial inclusion, behavioural economics, research and design of experiments.

Our Economics of Trade practice is one of the leading advisors in MSME development, ease of doing business (EoDB) and access to finance issues for clients. Our end-to-end cross-functional service offerings span across access to finance, women entrepreneurship, supply chain financing, policy reforms, regulatory assessment, micro finance and insurance, and design of monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

The practice has a dedicated team of qualified professionals from development, banking, finance, public policy and business administration sectors, with national and international project experience. We have over 15 years of experience in working with clients in the private sector, public sector and across all levels of government as well as key donors.

We have undertaken projects for various local and state governments and union territories of India. Our international engagements include projects in Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

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Ranen Banerjee

Ranen Banerjee

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