Industry 4.0 - Digital operations

We help your business to turn your operations into a competitive advantage by leveraging digital across your value chain — from supply chain to manufacturing and product development.

Industry 4.0 encompasses end-to-end digitisation and data integration of the value chain.

Through Industry 4.0, we support clients to shape their digital product and service offerings, operate a connected supply chain and digitise factories and shop floor operations as well as automate all core operations and back-office activities.

Generating, analysing and communicating data seamlessly underpins the value of Industry 4.0, which networks a wide range of new digital technologies to create competitive advantage. Mastering digital operations requires a deep understanding of collaboration, the commitment of top management, and a clear strategy - without these key elements, companies will struggle to embrace this radical, but critical change.


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We work with our clients to provide solutions that address problems like:

  • "I don’t have transparency on our global inventory levels and customer orders."
  • "We still have too much paperwork in our production – we need to be more lean and efficient."
  • "I often have downtimes in production in the worst period – would be great to predict and schedule maintenance upfront."
  • "I cannot provide reliable production forecasts as our production assets are not connected and report back current status in real-time."
  • "We cannot deliver our promise on delivery times, because what we plan is not reflecting the production and supplier capacity."

Industry 4.0 - Digital operations
Global Digital Operations 2018 Survey


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