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As leaders gather in Davos, Switzerland from 15-19 January for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, PwC joins the discussions to help advance meaningful action to address the challenges facing our world today.

PwC’s 27th Annual Global CEO Survey Launch

The survey of 4,702 CEOs in 105 countries and territories reveals what issues are top of mind for CEOs in the year ahead. Watch PwC Global Chair Bob Moritz discuss the findings live from Davos. 

India perspective


"While the prognosis for India’s economic growth has largely been positive and there is tremendous optimism in the India growth story, Indian leaders must also be cognisant of addressing potential threats primarily from cybersecurity, inflation and health risks. An eye on disruption is also crucial."

Sanjeev Krishan, Chairperson, PwC in India

World Economic Forum - Key themes for 2024

A Long-Term Strategy for Climate, Nature and Energy

According to the recently launched PwC’s ESG tax Survey, 93% of India business leaders believe that tax incentives are relevant for the adoption of ESG practices. Thus, there is an urgent need for policy intervention to enable and incentivise long-term climate mitigation measures. 

Artificial Intelligence as a Driving Force for the Economy and Society

Our upcoming CEO Survey also highlights the importance of AI in business, with a significant number of India CEOs anticipating that generative AI will deliver significant top and bottom-line benefits and enhance their company’s ability to build trust among stakeholders.

Creating Growth and Jobs for a New Era

According to PwC’s Hopes and Fears 2023 edition, Employees are now looking for jobs that make them feel empowered, and provide them with a level playing field to learn, grow and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing world. The findings indicated that employees placed a premium on organisational trust, innovation and hybrid ways of working. Organisations recalibrate their workforce strategy to accelerate their transformation journey to future-proof the organisation.

Achieving Security and Cooperation in a Fractured World

As per our Global Risk Survey 2023, 25% of business leaders have mentioned geopolitical conflict as one of the threats they feel highly or extremely exposed to in the next 12 months. Achieving security and cooperation in a fractured world has become paramount to safeguard national and global interests. Geopolitical flashpoints will force governments and organisations to increase investments in cybersecurity, transform supply chains and explore favourable alliances in order to stay resilient.


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