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Helping clients build trust with their stakeholders and deliver sustained outcomes

The New Equation focuses on two interconnected needs that clients face in a world of technological disruption, fractured geopolitics, climate change and the enduring impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first is to build trust. Our approach to building trust is designed to meet rising expectations of transparency and stakeholder engagement. It recognises that reporting and compliance are just one link in a chain that includes organisational culture, executive mindset, aligned standards, certified professionals, stringent controls, tailored technologies, and appropriate governance. It continues to place a commitment to quality at its core.

The second is to deliver sustained outcomes. Our approach is focused on the outcome that effort seeks to achieve. We then mobilise expertise in strategy, digital and cloud services, value creation, people and organisation, tax, legal and compliance, amongst other areas to deliver the agreed outcomes.

We believe that the successful organisations of the future will be the ones that create a virtuous circle between building trust and delivering sustained outcomes.

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Rs 1,600 crore investment, creating 10,000 additional jobs in the next five years in India

As part of the India commitments, PwC in the next five years will seek to:

  • Invest upto INR 1,600 crs and create over 10,000 additional jobs - a large proportion of these would come in the areas of Digital, Cloud, Cyber, Analytics and Emerging Technologies
  • Focus the go-to-market around our four platforms - ESG, Deals, Risk and Regulatory and Transformation
  • Enhance focus on existing tech-led alliances and explore avenues in areas of emerging technologies
  • Increase campus hiring by over 5 times
  • Work towards a minimum of 40% gender diversity
  • Continue to spend at least 1% of revenues in upskilling people and partners
  • Set up a PwC Research Institute to assist clients in identification of emerging trends across sectors
  • Enhanced focus on entrepreneurial and private businesses, including Unicorns and start ups
  • Through the PwC India Foundation, we are committed to our people spending over 100,000 hours as volunteering skills for supporting India’s humanitarian, environmental and educational challenges. We will continue to address the needs of communities, across the length and breadth of the country, in a way that is meaningful and creates lasting and sustainable long term impact.

Expanding capabilities, delivering quality

  • Strategy aims to build on and further enable the economic growth cycle that India will see in the coming years and help clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.
  • Increase our campus hiring by over 5 times over the next five years and provide them with a development that sets them up for a strong career.
  • Work towards a minimum of 40% gender diversity We will continue to spend at least 1% of our revenues in upskilling our people and partners.
  • We will also invest in setting up a PwC Research Institute to assist in identification of emerging trends across sectors to enhance our ability to deliver breadth and depth. 
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“India has strong economic fundamentals, a huge advantage in the form of its demographic dividend and an ecosystem to boost innovation. Our new strategy will enable us and our clients to further the country’s economic development, harness the potential of the domestic market and create more opportunities for society at large.”

Sanjeev KrishanChairperson PwC in India

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