Working together

Heman Sabharwal, avid off-roader

Three years ago, a single experiment with social media changed my life.

Back then, I used to be a person with a routine, a regular life.
Home, work, friends and family – what more was there to life?

Till I ran into an article about off-roading.
And just like that, it took me back to my college days when I first developed a passion for motor sports.

Was it too late to get into it again?
Was I going to do it anyway?
The first thing I knew I needed, was to find others like me.

I wasn't sure where to turn for help, so I did a lot of research until I finally found people with a similar interest in the unlikeliest of places – on social media.
Soon after that, I joined a group for off-roading enthusiasts.

With the help of my group members, I began learning the sport and started chasing my passion. Soon I became an active member of the group, with people from diverse backgrounds, careers, age-groups, who all shared my passion.

Dependable throughout this journey, whether it came to modification suggestions for the vehicle, advice on how to cross various obstacles in a particular terrain or even wading through water to get the driver out of a tough spot, everyone in the team always supported one another.

"Earlier I just had a dream. But together with my team, I made it happen."

In these last three years, I went from being an amateur to becoming an experienced off-roader. This experience has taught me that it is never too late to pursue your passion as long as you’re ready to learn and there is a strong team there to support you.

Just the other day, a newcomer joined our group. I smiled as I pulled out my phone and sent him a message - “Welcome to the group. This is the beginning of a great journey. Let me know if you need any help.”

With the help of several like-minded people, I started, learned and ‘worked together’ to realise my lifelong dream.

In conversation with Heman Sabharwal, a true embodiment of PwC’s core value of working together.


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