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Shooting for the stars

Arnab Dey

I always knew I had a natural inclination towards shooting. Even as a chiId, I enjoyed practising my targets at cricket grounds, at the melas and videogames, wherever I got an opportunity. I had my first tryst with shooting, while on holiday where I surprisingly won a shooting competition without any prior real experience. But I didn’t actively pursue it since my focus was more on developing skills that had a clearly defined career path.

But something that you are passionate about always finds a way back to you. In 2016, I participated in my first state championship. I had only 5 months of practice behind me but I was consistently making it to the top 3 in club competitions with pretty good scores. Both my club and I had high expectations from my performance in the state championship. But I failed miserably and couldn't even qualify for the zonal competitions. I had to wait another year.

However, that didn’t deter me. The long wait only strengthened my determination. I also focused on my fitness. After months of consistently working on my shortcomings, 2017 was my year. I made it to the top 20 in the state championships and also found a place in the national championships.

"If doing extraordinary things were easy, everyone would do them."

My big take away from that year was the ability to ‘control my mind’. You only stand a chance if you can ‘reimagine the possible’. Skill and technique fail if the focus and drive aren’t strong enough.

It’s the dream that keeps me going. I want to play for the Indian team, lift World Cups and win an Olympic gold. While that's the ultimate goal, I really enjoy the game and that is where my true passion lies.

Once you decide to accept the pain that comes with the journey, there's no looking back. If doing extraordinary things were easy, everyone would do them. No matter how tiring the previous day was, your passion will pop you out of the bed when the alarm clock rings in the morning.

In conversation with #PwCite Arnab Dey, a true embodiment of PwC’s core value ‘Reimagine the possible.’


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