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Caring and giving back to society

Mohammed Asif Iqbal

"At the age of 16, I lost 100% sight in both my eyes.
Disappointed and in denial, I almost gave up on myself and on ever trying to achieve anything in life.

Something my teacher said to me then changed my life forever.
I decided to not just give my 100% towards my future, but eventually towards helping build a future for others as well.

Today, I don’t measure my success from where I’ve reached in life.
I measure it from the number of people whose lives I’ve touched.
I measure it from the grin on the young visually impaired girl’s face who thanked me for helping her get the job she wanted.

Not only do I now care about my own life and identity, but also about the millions of people who may not be as privileged as I am.

"You don't need sight to have a vision."

Recently, I got the opportunity to meet and discuss with our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, the efforts of the government in introducing universal access to infrastructure, services and opportunities for the differently abled in India.

I look forward to working with PwC and the Indian government in further improving universal access to services and amenities for all communities, including the differently abled in the country.

After all, as my teacher said to me that day so many years ago - “You can either be a nobody or you can create your own identity. Make your choice.”
So I did.

In conversation with Mohammed Asif Iqbal, a #PwCite who shows the world what it means to care about every single individual out there.



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