Offset Management Tool

Typical issues faced by defence companies

The regulatory process for defence offsets in India is complex and cumbersome, requiring immense coordination to manage the document flow from multiple offset partners for different offset contracts.

Challenges faced by OEMs

  • Collecting and compiling large amount of information
  • Filling up forms in correct format
  • Delays/multiple iterations in MoD
  • Archiving and maintaining documents
  • Lack of all the information necessary to comply with offset regulations
  • Documents that may be required later not properly maintained by IOPs/OEMs

Challenges faced by IOPs

  • Lack of knowledge about the documents and prescribed formats to be forwarded to OEMs
  • Poor management of documents as per requirements of the offset guidelines

Consequences of loss management

Is your offset compliance process efficient?

Does your offset compliance process involve too much manual work?
What is your level of comfort with the comprehensiveness of your offset management process and compliance coverage?
Do you find it difficult to control the information and document flow from your Indian offset Partners (IOPs)?
Do you have a mechanism in place to track the offset compliance status which provides you a cockpit view across all contracts and offset partners?
Ability to obtain the relevant information in the appropriate formats directly from your offset partners, or from your own IT systems, for offset compliance reporting?
Risk of losing documents over a long period of fulfilling offset obligation?

Integrated Offset Management Tool

PwC’s solution to help you manage your offset compliance process effectively and efficiently

What the tool does

Tool's features

Tool helps manage MOD’s requirements for bid and implementation stages

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