Homeshoring - navigating the new normal

Organisations target optimising the use of their talent pool available at their disposal across the globe to further their business objectives. Mobility is an important attribute of such utilisation that fuels the  growth of global organisations. However, the unprecedented and unfortunate situation arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted physical cross-border utilisation of their talent pool due to travel restrictions.  

Organisations have been forced to look at options of having their mobile employees work from their “home country” to cater to their immediate priorities:

Business continuity

Business continuity

Talent Management

Talent management

Safety and well-being

Safety and well-being

Technology has helped substantially in this regard, and organisations have reaped benefits from their investment in the same. Homeshoring could become the new normal due to the COVID-19 scenario; however, with the advent of Homeshoring, a new set of challenges from tax and regulatory perspectives would arise for expatriate employees and organisations.

We have outlined some of these challenges in the attached document for your consideration. We will be happy to discuss the above aspects over a call.

To know how this impacts your operations, write to your PwC advisor today.

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