Corporate and International Tax news alerts 2014 archives



Ref: Mrs. Jyoti Arun Kothari v. ITO [TS-737-ITAT-2014(Mum)]


Ref: Press Note 10 of 2014

Ref: CIT-IV v. Holcim India Private Limited [TS-640-HC-2014(Delhi)]


Ref: Shell India Markets Private Limited v. ACIT [2014] 51 519 (Bombay HC)

Ref: CIT v. Van Oord ACZ Equipment BV [TS-695-HC-2014(Madras)]

Ref: Xander Advisors India Private Limited v. ACIT [TS-361-ITAT-2014(DEL)-TP]

Ref: CBDT Press Release dated 7 November 2014

Ref: DCIT v. India Advantage Fund-VII [ITA No. 178/Bang/2012]




Ref: Clarification with regard to Trust/ trustee as a partner in the Limited Liability Partnerships, Circular No. 37/ 2014

Ref: Vodafone India Services Private Limited v. UOI (WP No. 871 of 2014, Bombay High Court)

Ref: CBDT Notification No. 45/ 2014, dated 23 September 2014


Ref: Notification Nos. LAD-NRO/GN/2014-15/11/1576 and LAD-NRO/GN/2014-15/10/1577 dated 26 September 2014

Ref: CIT v. Vatika Township Private Limited [TS-573-SC-2014]

Ref: DCIT v. Winsome Yarns Limited [TS-546-ITAT-2014(Chandigarh)]

Ref: Omniglobe Information Tech India Private Limited v. CIT [TS-526-HC-2014(Delhi)]

Ref: A. T. Kearney India Private Limited v. ACIT [TS-527-ITAT-2014(Delhi)]



Ref: DIT (International Tax) v. Copal Research Limited, Mauritius [TS-509-HC-2014(DEL)]

Ref: Ace Multi Axes Systems Ltd v. DCIT [TS-484-HC-2014(Karnataka)]

Ref: CIT v. Siel Limited [TS 470-HC-2014(Del)]

Ref: Cadbury India Limited – Company petition 1072 of 2009

Ref: Zaheer Mauritius v. DIT [TS-464-HC-2014(Del)]


Ref: Finance (No. 2) Bill, 2014 as introduced in Lok Sabha

Ref: Redington (India) Limited v. JCIT [TS-419-ITAT-2014(CHNY)]

Ref: PGS Geophysical AS v. ADIT [TS-436-HC-2014(DEL)]

Ref: F.C. Sondhi & Company (India) Pvt. Limited v. DCIT [TS-243-ITAT-2014(ASR)]

Ref: GE Energy Parts Inc. v. ADIT [TS-400-ITAT-2014(DEL)]


Ref: DIT(IT) v. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited [TS-404-HC-2014(Bombay)]


Ref: Notification No FEMA 308/2014 notified vide G.S.R No. 436(E) June 30, 2014 and AP (DIR Series) Circular 3 dated July 14, 2014

Ref: Notification No. FEMA 306/ 2014 notification vide G.S.R. No. 435(E) dated May 23, 2014


Ref: GFA Anlagenbau Gmbh v. DDIT/ ADIT [TS-383-ITAT-2014(Hyd)]

Ref: N Ranganathan v. ITO [ITA No. 863/Mds/2014]

Ref: Fine Jewellery (India) Limited v. ACIT [TS-371-ITAT-2014(Mumbai)]


Ref: Nortel Networks India International Inc. v. DDIT [TS-355-ITAT-2014(DEL)]


Ref: The Nilgiri Tea Estate Ltd v. ACIT [TS-345-ITAT-2014 (COCH)]

Ref: No. FEMA 295/ 2014 –RB dated 24 February, 2014 published in the Official Gazette on 30 May, 2014

Ref: Shaan Marine Services Private Limited v. DDIT [TS-327-ITAT-2014(Pune)]

Ref :

Ref: Pan-Asia iGATE Solutions, Mauritius, In re [TS-296-AAR-2014]


Ref: RBI’s A.P. (DIR Series) Circular N0. 135 dated 27 May, 2014

Ref: LML Limited v. JCIT [TS-280-ITAT-2014(Mumbai)]

Ref: Commissioner of Wealth-tax v. Estate of Late HMM Vikramsinhji of Gondal [TS-258-SC-2014]

Ref: CIT v. Bharat Bijlee Limited [TS-270-HC-2014(Bombay)]

Ref: A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 130 dated 16 May 2014

Ref: ITO v. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited [TS-257-ITAT-2014(Mum)]

Ref: Centrica India Offshore Pvt Ltd v. CIT & Ors. [TS-237-HC-2014(DEL)]

Ref: Right Tunnelling Co. Ltd. v. ADIT [TS-220-ITAT-2014(DEL)]


Ref: HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. v. ITO  [TS-212-ITAT-2014(Mum)]

Ref: Linde AG, Linde Engineering Division v.DCIT [TS-226-HC-2014(DEL)]

Ref: Renoir Consulting Ltd v. Dy DIT (IT) [TS-211-ITAT-2014(Mum)]

Ref: Global One India Private Limited v. ACIT [TS-115-ITAT-2014(Del)]

Ref: Circular No. IWU/7(15)2011/Gen (Software); C-III/022/3(6)2014/MH and IWU/7(15)2011/General Software

Ref: Amarshiv Construction Pvt Ltd v. DCIT [TS-191-HC-2014(Guj)]

Ref: Vodafone South Limited v. DDIT [TS-173-HC-2014(Kar)]

Ref: FEMA Notification no 289/2014 dated 13 March, 2014 published in vide Official Gazette No. 190(E) dated 19 March, 2014

Ref: CIT v. M/s Abad Constructions Pvt. Ltd. [TS-178-HC-2014(Ker)]

Ref: Motif India Infotech Private Limited v. ACIT [TS-88-ITAT-2014(Ahd)-TP]


Ref: Gulshan Malik v. CIT [2014] 43 200 (Delhi-HC)

Ref: Sudhir Menon HUF v. ACIT [TS-146-ITAT-2014(Mum)]

Ref: ADIT v. Antwerp Diamond Bank NV [TS-150-ITAT-2014(Mum)]

Ref: Union of India v. Tata Chemicals Ltd [2014] 43 240 (SC)

Ref: CIT v. Shri Anil H Lad [TS-140-HC-2014(Kar)]

Ref: POSCO Engineering & Construction Company Ltd v. ADIT [TS-108-ITAT-2014(DEL)]

Ref: Bharti Airtel Limited v. ACIT (ITA No. 5816/Del/2012, [2014] 43 150 (Delhi-Trib.), AY 2008-09)


Ref: Akzo Nobel Chemicals (India) Ltd v. DCIT [TS-45-ITAT-2014(PUN)-TP]

Ref: CIT v. Maruti Suzuki (India) Limited (W.P (Civil) No. 5086 / 2013) & CIT v. Income tax Appellate Tribunal & Bose Corporation India Private Limited (W.P (Civil) No. 5003 / 2013)

Ref: Sasi Enterprises v. ACIT [TS-43-SC-2014]

Ref: ITO v. J.M. Morgan Stanley Private Limited [TS-690-ITAT-2013(Mum)]

Ref: TNS India Pvt. Ltd. v. ACIT [TS-21-ITAT-2014(HYD)-TP]

Ref: The Cosmos Co-op Bank Ltd v. DCIT [TS-47-ITAT-2014(PUN)]

Ref: Shree Cement Ltd. v. Add.CIT [ITA No. 503/JP/2012, ITAT Jaipur]

Ref: M/s. Fibars Infratech Pvt. Ltd. v. ITO [ITA No. 477/Hyd/2013] AY 2007-08


Ref: Hallibutron Offshore Service Inc v. ACIT [ITA No. 41 of 2009, Uttarakhand HC]

Ref: Canara Bank v. ACIT [TS-685-HC-2013(KAR)]

Ref: Motorola India Electronics Pvt. Ltd. [TS-683-HC-2013(KAR)]

Ref: CIT v.Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation [2014] 41 100 (Gujarat-HC)

Ref: Sun-N-Sand Hotels Pvt. Ltd. v.DCIT [TS-6-ITAT-2014(Mum)]

Ref: CBDT Circular No. 4-2008 dated 28-04-2008

Ref: Notification No. LAD-NRO/GN/2013-14/36/12 dated January 7, 2014


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