Responsible supply chain & traceability

Today’s supply chain are a series of interconnected and interdependent relationships that carry your brand’s identity to the market –  the chain being as strong as their weakest links.

Drawing from our deep experience across multiple industries and regions, we help companies understand inherent risk and challenges in their supply chain,  develop strategic approaches, operationalize sustainable procurement, engage with suppliers and workers, and build meaningful collaborations.

Benefits for Business

  • Understand critical supply chain risks and opportunities
  • Integrate sustainability across different tiers  or procurement functions or develop specific category strategies
  • Develop effective communication and response strategy to negative media, peer collaboration or future trens

Key services offered for Responsible Supply Chain

Supply chain mapping and risk assessments

Do you know what your supply chain looks like?

With deep expertise in supply chain mapping, PwC offers a solution for the myriad of supply chain spanning across natural commodities, raw materials, products and services: effective solutions for multi-layered complex web of suppliers spanning multiple tiers and countries

  • Uncover the hard to find links and tiers in your supply chain
  • In- depth risk assessment and identification of hot spots
  • Involve experts from Environmental, Health and Safety and labor and working conditions domain
  • Industry wide expertise in recommending effective solutions and risk mitigation strategies
  • Develop and implement custom data collection, analytics and visualization tools and dashboards

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Leveraging technology and data analytics to build a robust and transparent supply chain

Does your current data management and analytics offer value to you, your customers and your suppliers?

We firmly believe that technology is the biggest enabler of today’s business needs, and that is why we have a pool of technology and data experts to deliver seamlessly on your responsible supply chain requirements:

  • Develop effective supply chain performance review reports through  data analytics and insights
  • Develop custom supply chain visualization tools and dashboards
  • Integrate internal and external risk factors and supply chain trends, develop functional and robust technical systems for supply chain sustainability performance assessments, vendor or supplier score card development and supply chain strategy development
  • Develop and implement systems to aid traceability and report on supply chain disclosure requirements

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Designing, implementing and optimizing compliance monitoring programs

Does your current compliance monitoring framework allow a cost effective model to monitor end-to-end

We are constantly evolving to find better ways of auditing and monitoring the supply chain. We generate insights with root cause leading to effective remediation strategy. Our auditors belong to multidisciplinary backgrounds and undergo frequent training to keep abreast of evolving regulations, sustainability standards and professional sensibilities.

  • Deep expertise in designing and managing large scale global compliance monitoring programs
  • Undertaking dedicated thematic reviews across different sections of supply chain:
    • We have successfully assisted global brands in undertaking thematic reviews for non production related operations such as IT, construction, facility management, warehousing, transport and logistics.
    • We also undertake dedicated reviews across Fire Safety and Emergency preparedness, Structural Stability, Child labour due diligence.
    • We are constantly working on newer area of assessment such as Living Wage, uncovering impacts on migrant workers and incorporating gender aspect in review process.

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