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Information Technology and Project Assurance

Building digital trust!

The digital age is here. Embracing the opportunities on offer is the only way to stay competitive. IT systems are a fundamental part of your organization and you – and your customers, shareholders and regulators – need to trust it.

Trust means that:

  • your customers will buy your products on-line and have confidence you’ll keep their data secure
  • your suppliers know your systems won’t fail them
  • you have the confidence to move your business forward by embracing technology and the opportunities it has to offer.

With trust in your data and security, with resilience built into your systems, and with the knowledge that your digital transformations will succeed, you’ll have the confidence to embrace your digital future, and enjoy the exponential impact it has on your growth.

You need to contain IT and business risks, as they can emerge within core technology areas such as infrastructure, applications, or data, and impact the effectiveness of your business processes. We assist our clients on minimizing these risks through the use of an integrated risk model that touches upon IT, financial, and business operations. Our approach manages risks effectively throughout an organization, to enable clients to protect their brand and realize the full benefits of technology investments.

The critical issues:

  • Your digital world just got bigger
    Businesses now operate in an interconnected way. So securing data, transactions and operations means working beyond your own walls. Businesses depend on digital business processes. This amplifies the impact of cyber attaches on every area of your business.
  • It's not 'if' but 'when'
    Scarcely a day goes by without mention of a new cyber crime in the news. Businesses face a wide range of threats ranging from nation states and organized crime to 'hacktivists' and insiders. Would you know what to do if you are compromised? Are you prepared?
  • How do you survive and thrive?
    New technology can bring more efficiency but is fraught with risks. If your cyber security is inadequate, you won't have the confidence to take risks that allow you to get ahead of the competition. Cyber breaches damage reputations and destroy trust - both are vital ingredients for success in the digital age.

How we can help:

  • Address increasing regulatory and disclosure expectations to monitor business and financial reporting activities 
  • Assess IT controls, security, and governance environment to ensure an efficient return on large IT investments
  • Effectively execute on major IT programs
  • Protect their organizations from operational and security risks, both now and in the future
  • Leverage IT to manage governance, risk, and compliance initiatives
  • Our services

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
    Cybersecurity and Privacy

    Cybersecurity and Privacy

    IT and PA helps protect the client’s brand and reputation by delivering integrated IT risk, cybersecurity and data privacy solutions. We provide a comprehensive range of integrated cyber security and data privacy services that help you assess, build, respond and manage your cyber security and privacy capabilities, and respond to incidents and crises."

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  • IT Governance and Project Assurance
    IT Governance and Project Assurance

    IT Governance and Project Assurance

    Delivering confidence in large transformational projects

    IT and PA helps to establish strategic objectives of the business so that they are not jeopardized by IT failures or cost overruns.

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  • ERP Risk and Compliance Solution
    ERP Risk and Compliance Solution

    ERP Risk and Compliance Solution

    Investing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology is a significant cost to companies and comes attached with significant risks if not managed properly. Our ERP practitioners are devoted to helping clients maximize value and minimize risk from their investments in ERP solutions by offering a wide array of services including:

    1. ERP controls review
    2. ERP Security
    3. Master data review
    4. Pharma Compliance

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  • Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics
    Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics

    Advanced Risk and Compliance Analytics

    Helping organizations transform audit, risk, and compliance through data analytics

    IT and PA provides analytical insight into the risk and compliance key factors and the ability to improve the value of company data and transform the information into actionable intelligence

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  • GRC Technology Services
    GRC Technology Services

    GRC Technology Services

    Transforming your risk and controls environment

    IT and PA provides a defined GRC program enabled with technology which helps organizations setup consistent processes and metrics and measure Risk and Compliance with clearly delineated organization structure, communication and technology and strong culture.

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