Internal Audit Transformation, Effectiveness & Quality Assurance

PwC supports organisations that seek to enhance the skills of their internal audit functions resulting in cost efficiency, performance enhancement and increased relevance of the function within the organisation.  The transformation and training improvements are a metric driven approach to demonstrate the changes in the functions performance over time.

Our services include:

  • Setting up the internal audit function
  • Designing the internal audit framework including writing the internal audit Charter
  • Assisting in internal audit scoping and planning
  • Developing internal audit templates, reporting formats and analytical dashboards
  • Conducting specific training workshops for internal audit team-members and general risk management trainings for all departments within the organisation

PwC can also support your internal audit departments training needs by preparing and delivering up-to-date training programs.

PwC’s Quality Assurance team provides an unbiased review of any third party service provider currently employed by you. The results of this evaluation can help you establish the current health of the service quality of your Internal Audit provider. We provide an independent analysis and assessment of the quality of your current Internal Audit service provider to assess conformance with the IIA standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors and benchmark IA performance across key attributes to identify areas for improvement. 

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