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GRC Technology and Automation Services

Embed security and controls through technology...

Varying levels of maturity in risk and compliance processes are driving the need for identifying and implementing the right GRC tool to support the framework for process efficiency, improved data management and reporting.

We help companies through:

  • GRC technology strategy and roadmap implementation
  • GRC technology tool optimisation
  • GRC technology tool support

How PwC can help you

Compliance Management Solution – Enforce Plus

PwC’s proprietary tool enForce plus is a web application to help automate compliance monitoring and reporting activities. Our application attributes are:

  • Successful deployment at over 150 clients including public listed companies among the NSE/ BSE 100
  • Dedicated team of lawyers, company secretaries and sector specialists for regulated industries like BFSI, FMCG & Retail, IT/ITES, Telecom, Pharma and Healthcare
  • Scalability for companies with international locations
  • In-house technology team for continuous technical support

Litigation Management Solution 

Our Litigation management solution can help you track the end to end life cycle of your litigation. Our solution highlights are -

  • Electronic repository of legal documentation with easy search and access functionalities
  • Instantaneous alerts for upcoming hearings
  • Case life cycle analysis with customised reports
  • Computations for contingent liability 

Enterprise Risk Management 

Our ERM tool is a web-based application which enables organizations to manage enterprise level risks. It facilitates risk recording, assessing, mitigating and monitoring. Key features offered here would be - 

  • Holistic view of risks across the organization with dashboard summarizing risk landscape
  • Improved adherence to risk management framework due to structured and automated approach
  • In-house technology team for technical support

GRC Integrated Framework 

PwC proprietary - GRC integrated Framework offers you solutions for compliance, controls, audit, enterprise risk, contract, project and policy management. Salient features for the framework are –

  • User Management
  • Life cycle management
  • Integrated dashboard
  • Discussion forums
  • Task calendars, Surveys
  • Apps for all form factors/devices

GRC tool (e.g. Archer) Implementation 

For managing risks related to business, operational, IT, vendor and business continuity,  RSA Archer ® has been recognized as the ideal software application. Our services include:

  • Next-Gen Archer implementation Including out of box & advanced use
  • Archer sustenance framework implementation, supporting the existing implementations with skilled resources
  • Strategy and road map consulting exercise: Assisting clients by preparing the Archer implementation strategy
  • Gap Assessment Exercise: Conduct diagnostic to identify gaps in the existing implementation and suggest recommendations for gaps closure
  • Functional Consulting – Assist in drafting RFP, BRD, SRS documents as well as providing end-to-end project implementation management. 
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