Compliance / CCO Advisory services

As part of our compliance/chief compliance officer advisory services we provide assistance in conducting compliance reviews covering RBI/SEBI and IRDA regulations, compliance testing, Assistance in regulatory interactions and licensing support, Assistance in regulatory interpretations including FEMA, regulatory reporting reviews and testing and Risk Based Supervision Support for Banks.

Compliance reviews

  • Assistance in compilation of applicable RBI / IRDA /SEBI regulations across the different business units within the Banks, Insurance and Capital Market players
  • Review of the effectiveness of design of compliance controls across every line item mentioned in the regulatory guidelines

Compliance testing

  • Review of operating effectiveness of controls defined for every regulatory requirement prescribed in the applicable RBI / IRDA / SEBI guideline
  • Assistance in providing leading practices for regulatory anomalies on account of unclear regulatory requirements

Assistance in regulatory interactions and licensing support

  • Assistance in special reviews for areas of regulatory concern expressed by the regulators through various communications, either in the form of specific letters or as a part of the supervisory finding
  • Assistance in helping seek license from a product, process or an entity standpoint

Assistance in regulatory interpretations including FEMA

  • Assistance in providing clarifications for areas, where the regulations are dynamic or not clearly articulated by the regulator
  • Assistance in suggesting appropriate documentation for cross border transactions as a part of the Trade Finance and remittance business for Banks

Regulatory Reporting reviews and testing

  • Assistance in review of accuracy of regulatory reporting from a design and operating effectiveness standpoint for Banks, NBFCs, Capital Markets and Insurance segment
  • Assistance in automation of regulatory reporting

Risk Based Supervision Support for Banks

  • Review of the accuracy of data capture under the RBS Tranche 1 & 1A submissions
  • Review of the effectiveness of responses drafted under the RBS Tranche 2 and RBS Tranche 3 submissions
  • Aligning the Internal Audit framework and the Compliance Testing framework to the RBS requirements


The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is involved in bringing out an array of reforms in the insurance sector to bring it in tune with the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act. The regulator since then has brought out dozens of reforms that will have a significant impact on the customer and insurance companies. Additionally, a rising population, a growing economy, increased domestic savings and greater awareness of insurance products are positive indicators for growth for the insurance industry and low penetration levels also suggest that the insurance sector in India has a promising potential for growth. Our monthly impact assessment publication focus upon such changing scenarios, its impact upon insurers, policyholders and the industry as a whole.

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Our monthly update ‘Banking Insights’ from our Centre for Regulatory Compliance contains a round-up of RBI guidelines in the banking industry. These guidelines cover various themes which will be useful to stakeholders of this industry.

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Considering systematic importance and exponential growth of Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) sector regulators are always cautious and more vigilant. With this update, PwC teams brings to you the regulatory outlook for NBFC industry highlighting certain significant changes, immediate implications and insights on how to achieve a seamless transition into the proposed regulatory environment.

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