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We’re PwC's Global Crisis Centre. We’ll work beside you to help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis. So you can confront it, withstand it and emerge stronger.

What we do
By your side, at every step.

Often, a crisis isn’t an isolated, contained incident. It isn’t fleeting. It builds, unfolds, peaks - and the effects can be long-lasting. And each crisis is different: some you know about in advance, some you know could happen one day, while others are just impossible to predict.

Our crisis specialists are backed up by the power of the global PwC network. We can convene strategists and data analysts. Professionals in cyber security or financial crime. Communications teams and project managers.

So while you won’t always know what will happen, or how things will play out, you will know you’ve got the right team by your side.

Build resilience, before a crisis hits.

We help organisations to anticipate and minimise the chances of a crisis occurring.

We work with you to review and assess your current capabilities to manage a crisis. We’ll draw on the knowledge and experience of our crisis professionals from around the PwC network – and use our proprietary crisis simulation technology – to help you improve and enhance your crisis response strategy and capabilities.

The result: you’ll be equipped with the governance, processes, tools and technology you need to respond with confidence to any crisis you might face.

Build confidence and take control.

When a crisis hits, business as usual becomes a thing of the past.

Responses to crises often lack long-term vision, discipline and structure. As a result, decision-making is paralysed by fear of making the wrong call. In fact, even though many organisations end up doing the right things, they can still be disjointed, lacking full integration across the spectrum of response efforts they put in place. When this happens, the big picture can be lost, costing you time, financial capital, and public trust.

The Global Crisis Centre convenes crisis experts from across the PwC network to help you. Together, we provide you with a variety of solutions and insights – so you can understand, prioritise and address the crisis, build confidence with your stakeholders and take control of the situation.

Emerge stronger, sooner, more resilient.

The effects of a crisis can be long-lasting. We’ll support you as you recover, helping you to stabilise your operations and adapt to a new ‘business as usual’. So your recovery becomes an opportunity for growth.

We help you create and implement new business strategies, and provide technical and functional expertise as well as short and long-term project management support. Beyond that, our ‘recover’ solutions will help you identify and capitalise on the lessons learned, so you’ll have stronger capabilities for crisis management in the future.

PwC's Global Crisis Centre

With the Global Crisis Centre, we take a holistic view of the crises, enable insights and help our clients adapt to the new normal.


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  • “Studies have shown a correlation between impact on shareholder value and perception of management’s ability to deal with the aftermath of a crisis. Those companies that are adequately prepared for crises are able to more proactively minimise the impact of a crisis and respond more quickly, creating a distinct competitor advantage.”

    Deepankar Sanwalka
    India Advisory Leader, PwC India

  • “Today, more businesses than ever are concerned about the threats their organisations face, and their ability to respond. We at PwC’s Global Crisis Centre work with our clients to build holistic crisis capabilities. Equipping them with the strategy, process, tools and technology needed to help them handle the crises they face.”

    Dinesh Anand
    Partner, Forensic Services Leader, PwC India

  • “Crises will occur, but we do not always know where, when or what the triggers will be. When it does, a nation state, community, or organisation is expected to continue with its business as usual whilst bringing the crisis under control. At PwC, our Global Crisis Centre works with organisations to build their ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from crises.”

    Ankit Dewan
    Director, Territory Crisis Lead, PwC India


Meet your crisis team

Our brand is built on trust. For more than one-and-a-half centuries, we've stood by our clients, helping them face crises big and small. We've worked with companies, governments, regulators, NGOs and international organisations - helping them prepare for, respond to and recover from some of the most high profile crisis events in recent times.

Dinesh Anand

Dinesh Anand

Partner, Forensic Services Leader
PwC India


Ankit Dewan

Ankit Dewan

Director, Territory Crisis Lead
PwC India


Ankit Dewan

Melanie Butler

Partner, PwC UK
PwC’s Global Crisis Centre


Sloane Menkes

Sloane Menkes

Principal, PwC US
PwC’s Global Crisis Centre



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