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PwC Bangladesh Family Business Survey

This is the first year PwC’s Family Business Survey was carried out in Bangladesh. Our report provides insights into how strong values within Bangladesh Family businesses are fuelling the growth. The survey also provides insights into how the pace of technology change and generational differences are transforming the approach of family businesses towards legacy and succession planning in Bangladesh.

We believe there is an enormous opportunity for family businesses to start generating real gains from their values and purpose by adopting an active approach that turns these into their most valuable asset.

Case studies

Values, the biggest driver - Meghna Group of Industries

Established in 1976 as the Kamal Trading Company, the growth and expansion of Meghna Group of Industries have made it one of the frontrunners and drivers of Bangladesh’s emerging economy.

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Transforming traditions - Ananta Group

Challenging traditional norms and innovating to push boundaries have been the guiding principles that have propelled Ananta Group into becoming one of Bangladesh’s most prominent garment manufactures.

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Innovation and discipline - Rahimafrooz

In 1954, Mr. Abdul Rahim started a trading entity that was focused on garments retail. By 1958, Mr. Rahim and his company, Rahimafrooz, entered into a joint venture with British investors in the battery industry as a distributor.

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Mamun Rashid

“Family businesses have played a key role in nation building, employment generation and wealth creation in Bangladesh. These businesses have also been instrumental in driving foreign investments into the country. It is crucial that these organisations have a structured succession plan in place to ensure continued growth and help sustain the heightened entrepreneurial activity in the country.”

Mamun Rashid, Managing Partner, PwC Bangladesh

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Mamun Rashid

Managing Partner, PwC Bangladesh

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