Managed Security Services

Managing Cyber Security Threats

Cyberattacks have evolved and increased in volume over the years. Hence, effective management of cyber security threats requires significant commitment from organisations.

At PwC, Managed Security Services are tailor-made security services for organisations that wish to achieve and maintain a security posture that helps them effectively detect and respond to cybersecurity threats on an ongoing basis.

Managed Security Services operate 24x7 as an extended arm of your security teams, providing you with cyber security management, detection and response capabilities and effective risk and compliance management with minimal initial investment.


  • Managed Threat Detection & Response

    Managed Threat Detection & Response

    Services to detect, manage and respond to security incidents by leveraging our 24x7x365 Cyber Protection Centre (CPC) and Active Threat Monitoring Services.

  • Security & Network Device Management

    Security & Network Device Management

    Services to manage the security implementation, operations and maintenance of network and security devices.

  • Cyber Security Operations Framework & Playbook Design

    Cyber Security Operations Framework & Playbook Design

    Governance framework and playbooks customised to your environment based on threat modelling and asset modelling.

  • Threat Hunting and Advanced Analytics

    Threat Hunting and Advanced Analytics

    Services to proactively and iteratively search through your networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that evade existing security solutions.

  • Dark Web & Brand Monitoring Services

    Dark Web & Brand Monitoring Services

    Platform/Services to monitor and detect advanced threats on deep, dark web and closed/hacker forums.

  • Decoy services

    Decoy services

    Platform/Services to entrap an attacker performing lateral movement.

  • User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

    User Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

    Machine Learning (ML) based endpoint detection and response solution for ML-based user and entity behavior anomaly detection at the end point.

  • Threat Intelligence Fusion & Collaboration Services

    Threat Intelligence Fusion & Collaboration Services

    Threat intelligence management platform to aggregate threat feeds from various sources, de-duplicate these and create a single source of truth on threat intelligence for the organisation.

  • Compromise Assessment

    Compromise Assessment

    Services to analyse your network and hosts for advanced threats, malware, indicators of compromises and potentially unwanted activities utilising our extensive knowledge of advanced attackers’ tactics, tools and techniques.

  • Malware Reverse Engineering

    Malware Reverse Engineering

    Automated and static malware analysis for generation of IOC, memory analysis and file analysis capabilities.

  • Security Orchestration Automation and Response

    Security Orchestration Automation and Response

    Platform/Services for triaging automation, response orchestration and automation.

Our Offerings

Cyber Protection Centre - CPC

The dedicated SOC (Cyber Protection Centre - CPC) is a state-of-the art facility with high-end technology and best resources in the industry

24 x 7 x 365 days

24 x 7 x 365 days monitoring & operations capability

S.O.A.R capabilities

On-demand security orchestration with S.O.A.R capabilities

Real-time correlation and security analytics engine

Real-time correlation and security analytics engine

ISO 27001 certified

100-seat dedicated facility which is an ISO 27001 certified best-in-class centre

Flexible delivery models (onsite/offsite/hybrid)

Flexible delivery models (onsite/offsite/hybrid)

Leading industry associations to bring the best value

Leading industry associations to bring the best value

Six proprietary products

Six proprietary products to enable Network Behaviour Analysis, Threat Intelligence and Incident Response. These products are:

  1. PwC’s WRAP - a web-based Risk Assessment Platform to conduct cyber risk assessments
  2. PwC’s Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) - for threat feeds aggregation, selection, visualisation and sharing
  3. PwC’s Cyber Security Simulator – a platform to gauge understanding of cyber security culture in an organisation
  4. PwC’s Flytrap - Honeypot for detection of lateral movement of malware
  5. PwC’s Nethunt – to detect advanced persistent threats & malware analysis
  6. PwC’s Cyber Incident Responder Tool (CIRT) - to ensure collection of evidence immediately after incidents



Identification, securing and monitoring of critical information 24x7


Incident response in a timely and efficient manner


Enhance the organisation’s technical controls to prevent loss of intellectual property, frauds, leakage of customer data and other sensitive information


Tangible benefits including cost reduction and improvement in security posture


Deep security domain expertise merged with years of consulting experience for a differentiated experience unlike any other


Robust automated Operating Model for security operations leading to better protection from targeted attacks, focused approach on incident closure, increased efficiency of investigation processes and lower organisational risk


Access to specialised skills of cyber investigators, forensics experts, malware analysts, content specialists and security data scientists

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