The joys of my CSR journey

​On a Monday afternoon on the seventh floor of Tower 8C, I was felicitated and so were 23 others. In all there were 344 individuals who had volunteered for CSR activities from the North zone. This year, we doubled our CSR volunteering hours as compared to last year and there was a celebration. Instead of just sending the annual certificates to all the CSR volunteers, a felicitation ceremony was hosted to recognise the efforts of all the volunteers of PwC India Foundation from the NCR region for FY 2018-19. I was awarded a special category award, along with 23 others, to recognise the impact of our volunteering. We were lucky to meet and listen to our leaders. Satya spoke about her trip to Kerala and Chennai. It was apparent that social initiatives is one of her key interests. Neel spoke about the gratification he felt on giving back to the society and how he is keen on influencing more and more of our people to embrace CSR in their lives. Jaivir shared his experiences on field and the huge amount of change the initiatives of PwCIF have made in the lives of people. The two special invitees, Dr. Geeta Malhotra, Country Director of our partner NGO - READ India, Rural Education and Development India; and Mr. Anuj Alphonson, Director- Livelihoods and Partnerships, Magic Bus India Foundation told us how the volunteering efforts of our colleagues had made a difference to the lives of their beneficiaries in terms of education, self esteem, confidence and work life dynamics. It was indeed a very fulfilling evening. Every volunteer can make a difference. Don’t underestimate your potential. If you have not volunteered till now, start today. Choose a program you are passionate about and see the happiness it brings to you. It was my pleasure to attend the event and to be felicitated by our leaders in a room full of volunteers including partners and guests from our partner NGOs. It was a proud moment to be a part of something impactful like the PwC India Foundation initiatives. Everyone cheered when I received the special category award for the longest intervention and for being on the top ten. I got a certificate, a jute bag and a unique badge. The badge will be my prized possession as it is the first time these were given and I had the privilege to stand in front of the line.Special thanks to the CSR Team-Suchita ma’am, Preeti and READ India (NGO) for the opportunity.

PwC India Foundation | My experience | The joys of my CSR journey

Here is a quote from my friend who also took part in the CR initiatives -

“My journey, being a part of CSR activities, was amazing. I have made so many new friends in this journey. From cleaning up a street to reading to kids and playing with them, I have improved my life in the areas where I work, live and play. Apart from giving back to the society, I have learned to be thankful for what I have while I pursue all that I want. It makes you feel like you’re making the most of your time or a greater sense of fulfillment.“

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