SSE India fellows applaud PwC leaders’ insights

“The X-factor of great leadership is not personality, it’s humility.” – Jim Collins

These words reflected the sentiment of the fellows of the School of Social Entrepreneurship (SSE) after they had the opportunity to be part of a leadership meeting.

The SSE fellows gather in Delhi for a learning block where their skills and capacities are enhanced to become better social entrepreneurs. This time, in mid-September, they were joined by Shyamal Mukherjee and Jaivir Singh as they visited Zorba the Buddha to interact with the SSE India fellows.

Over tea, they spent time with each of the fellows and understood what their respective enterprises are all about and the passion that drives them. Shyamal conducted an exclusive session on building values and importance of engaging people in decision making. He discussed with the fellows  how diversity is reflected through gender as well as building trust and including a diverse group of people in the decision making process.

While the fellows are on their journey to establish their enterprise, Shyamal shared a snippet of his journey on building an institution and not just a business house.

Here’s what some of the fellows had to say:

The interactions with Mr. Mukherjee and Mr. Singh were extremely engaging and fruitful. The key takeaway was the emphasis on diversity. I could understand the importance of diversity by looking at my cohort and the diversity they brought to the group. The peer learning experience has been extremely beneficial for me. Even our organisation is diverse in our team structure as well as our clients and we get to learn a lot from each other thanks to the new perspectives they bring constantly - Anirudh

Humility when exhibited by leaders is always a lesson in learning. The session with Shyamal Sir reaffirmed that. It was inspiring to see how he holds his team in high regard and chooses to bring forth their work, in spite of being at the helm of a huge organisation - Neharika

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