Senior professionals from PwC step in to mentor budding Social Entrepreneurs

School for Social Entrepreneurs India recently inducted its fourth Cohort. The Social start-up fellowship programme is a 9-month long fellowship which provides essential support to people with a social enterprise idea in India. 

PwC India has been assisting SSE India since its inception in 2016 and it continues to offer its support to the organisation. PwC Partners and ED have greatly supported the programme and were recently involved in interviewing and screening the current cohort. Continuing their support towards the programme, this year ten senior professionals from the PwC network have stepped forward to mentor a social entrepreneur each to achieve his/her goals and aspirations.

PwC India Foundation | My experience | Senior professionals from step in to mentor budding Social Entrepreneurs

Experiences of the mentors:

Darpan Mehta, Partner from Mumbai, talked about his natural inclination to problem-solve, which his own mentor advised against. He shared how he asked so many questions to his mentee, Prarthana, and spent the first few months simply understanding her requirements—enabling him to sum up that this interaction would work once the mentor acknowledges that this is simply a human relationship, based on empathy.

Suchita Sharma, Partner from Gurgaon, spoke in glowing terms about her experience with her mentee, Yusra, and shared how much she had learnt from her mentee’s own approach to leadership and her own enterprise. She summarized her insights into three key questions: Are you available when they need you? Are you willing to listen? Are you willing to shorten the distance between your world and their world?

Mukesh Deshpande, Partner from Bangalore, joined as a mentor with SSE for the 4th time in a row. He disclosed that, each year, he patiently awaits the email from PwC India Foundation’s vice chairman Jaivir Singh, inviting applications to become a mentor with SSE. He talked about the enriching experience with his first mentee, Raisa, who impressed him with her structure and passion for her community. Who is mentoring and who is being mentored? He has often asked himself this question over the years.

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