River front and forest cleanup

River front cleanup

Sabarmati River and the riverfront are iconic to Ahmedabad and as we enjoy this spectacular landscape, the onus to keep it clean lies on us. Drishti Foundation has taken up the initiative for sustained cleanliness of Sabarmati River by removing plastic and other floating waste. The CR team in Ahmedabad collaborated with this foundation to help them achieve their mission and contribute towards earth hour awareness by way of participating in cleaning up the Sabarmati river front.

Forest cleanup

Forests enable clean air and water, preserve the integrity of complex ecosystems, prevent soil erosion, and contain an extraordinary variety of plants, many of which are critical components of life-saving medicines. It, therefore, becomes important to protect this natural reserve.

Keeping this in mind a group of us volunteers in Ahmedabad went to the Jambughoda forest to do our bit in cleaning a small area which is frequently visited by tourists. We collected about 12 bags of plastic waste and one bag of glass and metal waste which we carried back to Ahmedabad for the purpose of recycling.

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We also conducted a rally to create awareness regarding earth hour and inspire people to take action for our planet and nature.

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