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Trees give us a token to live on earth - Oxygen. We were taught in childhood that “who plants a tree, plants a hope". When I was in school, a tree plantation activity was common. I used to like that event as it made me feel that I was contributing to the environment which, in return, was helping all living beings and maintaining an ecological balance. After that I went to college where there was no event like the one in school. So I used to plant trees at home and wondered if I would get any chance in future to plant more trees. After joining PwC, I came to know about this CR activity around this initiative. PwC work in collaboration with many such organisations and this year it collaborated with SAFE (South Asian Forum for Environment) at Natar Bheri. 

I enrolled myself for the tree plantation initiative and encouraged my colleagues to participate in this activity. We went to the venue and over there, one more event was going on. It was a drawing contest which we call 'Bose anko protijogita' in Bengali. Children from different age groups participated in the competition and were indeed, fantastic painters. I felt nostalgic as once upon a time I used to participate in such kind of activities. The place was already surrounded by numerous trees so when the wind was blowing, the leaves were touching our foreheads and it felt like they were hugging and welcoming us to grow their family. We planted many trees including mango and guava. The staff there were polite and helpful. They also took us to various spots of the ground to plant trees. Towards the end, we were surprised to learn that the fully grown trees there were once planted by the PwC employees. At that point of time there was nothing that could beat the pride of being a part of the PwC family. Thanks to PwC for giving me this opportunity to contribute to the environment.

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