Our visit to Sankalp

Our PwC team of volunteers from Jamshedpur visited Sankalp, an NGO started by the students of NIT, Jamshedpur.

Sankalp conducts informal classes for those who have either not had the opportunity to get enrolled into regulars schools or have been studying in government schools. NIT students make time for those students and take evening classes, whenever possible. A few places have hired teachers, also.

They get funds from the students and the alumni of NIT. A select few of the students prepare and compete for getting enrolled into the Navodaya Vidyalaya Scheme.

We were a team of twelve who volunteered which got divided into two. Six of us taught the students at the NIT Centre while the remaining six taught three small groups at the Mohan Nagar Centre.

These students were studying under a 'kaccha-ghar' where they had only one small bulb and a few classes had a small fan, as well. But this did not deter the kids from working hard in their studies. They were very disciplined, interactive and aspirational. I still remember a grade one student who was confident that he would run his own company in the future.

Our visit to Sankalp - PwC India Foundation

We had collected a certain sum of money from our side as volunteer contribution and bought notebooks, pens, toffees and chocolates, which we distributed among the students.

We were all inspired by the students to aim high and work towards achieving it. As the saying goes, 'the best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.'

We are all motivated to keep participating in similar activities to fulfil our responsibility towards the society.

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