Making the youth employment ready

While I mentored Suman, she taught me a few things too

PwC India Foundation has always comes up with some great initiatives for the society in terms of education, public health, environment and much more. In a span of two years that I have been here, I’ve had lots of opportunities as an employee to give back to the society.

Recently, I volunteered for the initiative “Making the youth employment ready”, where we had to mentor undergraduate and postgraduate students from NGOs READ India and Love Care Foundation. We had to take out two hours from our schedule every week to spend time with them, understand their professional dreams and guide them to turn it into a reality.

My mentee, Suman was a 21 year old, pursuing B.Com. Our initial interaction went really well and she discussed her goals and aims with me. In a candid chat, she mentioned, ‘I want to work for the Punjab National Bank’. When I asked her, ‘Why do you only want to work at the Punjab National Bank’, she said, with a glimmer in her eyes, ‘Whenever I visit any PNB branch, their representatives are very warm and they always help me’. For a moment, I pondered that may be she just wanted to be a warm and caring professional who helps others. Sometimes I am amazed and at the same time elated that we have a youth buzzing with potential, with great values intact too.

As part of the initiative, the Corporate Responsibility team in the North also organised sessions on effective communication, the power of body language, personality development, how to prepare for a job interview and writing professional CVs. I was able to see effective results among the students within the few hours we had invested with them.

By the end of the session, my mentee had a fair idea of how to prepare for a job interview, and while bidding adieu, she said, ‘I’ll definitely email you when I get a job’. There was an affectionate disposition in her tone, and while I mentored her, she taught me a few things too.

I hope she soon turns into the warm and caring professional she wants to be. All the best to her!

I’d also like to thank the Corporate Responsibility team for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this initiative. May we embark on many such projects.

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