Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

Mahatma Gandhi

PwC India Foundation completed 10 years of existence this year. 3-7 September 2018 was celebrated as the Foundation week across our offices by conducting employee engagement initiatives under the larger theme of Urban Children.

In Mumbai, initiatives related to health & hygiene, menstrual hygiene and financial literacy were undertaken.

Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others

4 september: Engagement with class X Students of Tribal region of Shahpur

25 students from Prerna Vidhyalya, Sonavale School were invited to Nesco office and 10 PwC employees conducted a discussion on health, and financial literacy. A career counselling session was also organized to familiarize children with different career prospects that they can opt for in the future. Sessions on time management, tips on how to study and courses they can opt after 10th grade were also undertaken.

10 september: Engagement with rescued girls aged under 18

An informal discussion was held with 35 girls (below the age of 18) at the Bandra office with the help of NGO partner Save the Children, India. These young girls have been rescued from human trafficking and are now being cared for by the NGO. These girls have experienced extreme emotional and physical abuse. They narrated heart-wrenching incidents of being trafficked. They still experience the trauma and very often get nightmares. PwC employees conducted sessions on menstrual hygiene, anger management and identifying appropriate and inappropriate touch with these girls. The NGO partner also holds regular counselling sessions for them to help cope with the trauma.

12 september: Engagement with Street Children

On this day, 25 street-dwelling children below the age of 10, living under flyover and footpaths of Mumbai, visited the Bandra office with support from NGO partner Touch. 15 employees engages with these children and held sessions on advocacy, nutrition, menstrual hygiene, sanitation and open defecation. The employees also sensitized the kids about the need to attend school and educating themselves. The sessions were interactive and fun.

None of the children at present are enrolled in any formal schools and neither are their parents willing to send them to school. In order to help these children some of the employees came forward to visit the houses of these children and sensitize their families about the need and importance of education for these children.

15 september: Engagement with tribal Gram Sabha Members @ Jawhar

A team of 20 PwC employees travelled to Jawhar (Palghar District) and held a session for 50 Gram Sabha members on financial literacy. This initiative was organized by our NGO partner Vayam who has been engaging in the region for many years. The community then invited the volunteers to attend the forest food festival. The employees sampled rare food items that are usually not found in cities.

The initiatives taken up by the Foundation team in Mumbai proved to be fruitful and encouraged the employees to contribute and share their knowledge with the lesser privileged.

Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others

Some quotes from our employees and the NGO partners prove the above.

Quotes by the Employees:

While our intent was to interact with rescued girls, speak with them about issues they deem relevant, and make it a day memorable for them, we couldn't help be numbed by their sad stories. Their innocence was apparent, their simplicity touching, their dreams humble and hopes basic. Each of us left that room hit hard by the realization of how fortunate we are and how seldom we acknowledge it.

Kanika Rakesh, Manager Advisory, PwC Mumbai

It was a privilege to interact with the children and sensitizing them around sanitation, health and hygiene. Pity to know that they don’t go to school even at the age of 10.

Brian Dsouza (Executive Assistant, PwC Mumbai)

NGO partner quotes:

Thank you for engaging with the school and our children, thank you for donating toilets to our kids, this means a lot to us, this is the first time ever that a corporate has taken our children to their office. Please visit our school. They have learnt a lot from all of you. Continue to visit

Prerna Vidyalay (Sonavale - Principal)

We would like to let you know that the event organized by your team at PwC was of great benefit for our girls. Different topics such as peer pressure, handling failure and disappointments, gratitude and having self-control were remarkably covered by the team. The knowledge shared by the team will help girls to bring positive change in them.

Save the Children India (Jyoti Nale) (Program Head)
Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others

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