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In the aftermath of the floods that hit the north eastern part of India recently, PwC India Foundation stepped in to provide humanitarian relief to the flood affected communities. A PwCIF volunteer, Aakritee Kapoor visited villages of two districts Katihar and Araria of Bihar during the distribution of health and hygiene kits and saw first hand, the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by the community. She personally witnessed the process of putting together the items which many others may not consider of high value – such as brush, toothpaste, handtowels, mosquito nets, sanitary pads, nail-cutters – which are essential to ensure that hygiene is maintained throughout the recovery period. The families appreciated the gestures in bringing out the health and hygiene kits which would be used in the long run by all members of a family.

“The mothers sitting by the side of the children, the elderly members of a family queueing up to receive support, the children painting on the torn down walls are memories I cannot forget.”, she says. She continues, “When these families praised the efforts of the Foundation and local NGOs coming to their doorsteps and mentioned that no one prior to the Foundation have visited to even ask about them, about the loss they have undergone, the resources that would be invested in rebuilding their lives – it surely was an overwhelming experience.” She was particularly touched by the families’ gesture of welcoming her with “chai”, even though these families had almost nothing to dispense.

Aakritee says "she is glad to be associated with PwC India Foundation whose efforts are driven towards reaching out to the communities in high need that have earlier not been reached or supported. "

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