Giving back to our society

PwC India Foundation week – Bengaluru

Responsibility is the price of greatness.

Winston Churchill

I can't think of a more judicious use of words when it comes to the value of CR. Perhaps Churchill meant personal greatness here but then what are companies if not groups of people. It is these wonderful groups of people that came together in Bangalore during the PwC India Foundation Week from 3 to 7 September to make a difference to the lives of more than 300 students, girls and women. Another matter of pride is that the PwC India foundation has completed 10 years of giving back to our society.

To commemorate this, PwC IF curated a week of volunteering initiatives across eight regional offices with the theme - Urban Children. The focus was to spread awareness and educate urban children on general nutrition and menstrual hygiene. Additionally, we also organised initiatives such as blood donation camp, donation wish trees, training sessions and classroom painting. It was overwhelming to see more than 60 volunteers from Bengaluru come forward to support these initiatives. To add to my delight, there was a presence of at least one Partner on each of the days from 4 to 7 September, where we did outdoor volunteering. My sincere thanks and compliments to all of the 60 volunteers for their support and selfless gesture.

Here's a sneak peek on the various activities conducted.

Training sessions

We partnered with two NGOs, Eco Watch and Vidya India, who helped organise the counseling sessions on nutrition and hygiene in three different schools. The target audience for these sessions was socio-economically deprived students from fourth to seventh standard. The aim of the activities was to raise awareness on the importance of healthy eating habits and practicing hygiene at school and at home.

Session on nutrition and hygiene

Many sessions on nutrition and hygiene (including menstrual hygiene) were organised throughout the week at various locations in Bangalore. The objective was to harness the knowledge that PwC employees have and channelise it to educate and create awareness among students, girls and women, in a manner that was highly participative. I was amazed at how intelligent, energetic and well-meaning the students were. They carry the value of cleanliness, nutrition and hygiene in their hearts. We conducted specialised focus group discussion with girls and women on Menstrual Hygiene and Management (MHM). To make sure that everyone was comfortable to speak up and participate, only women colleagues participated in that session.

About 15 PwCites participated in this activity, including myself and Advisory Partner Venkat Nippani.

Giving back to our society
Giving back to our society

Thematic painting of classrooms – 5-6 September 2018

In addition to the counseling/training sessions, we also painted some school classrooms. Our focus was to make sure that the students get a better, brighter and more colorful learning environment. We believe that this will help in reducing student absenteeism and will make them love coming to school. We had more than 40 employees come forward to flaunt their artistic skills in these schools. We also had Partner Prasanna PM participate in the painting activity.

Donation wish trees

We conducted a donation drive to collect stationery items for the underprivileged students. Our colleagues also had the opportunity to connect to the students in our office and donate the exact requirement. The artistic wish tree was crafted to display each student's wish in a leaf. NGO Reaching Hand that works with vulnerable children, women and families helped us with this activity. The NGO also works towards empowering people to lead a life of hope, self-worth and dignity. We had Advisory Partner Yashasvi Sharma participate in this activity.

Giving back to our society

Volunteers speak

Here's what some of our volunteers had to say:

It's always wonderful to witness the joy and happiness on the faces of children and what better way than to meet a group of kids in their school. As part of the PwCIF week, I visited a Government High School in Ramamurthy Nagar with around 40 PwCites who volunteered to paint the classrooms with thematic drawings for the school. It was wonderful to see our volunteers come together for this noble cause. Working in groups, especially seeing them full of energy and positive attitude made our day shine. To think of their sparkly eyes when they see their bright and colourful classrooms was overwhelming for us. Personally, it was a humbling experience and time well spent with the children at school. Many times, a small gesture can make a big impact to many lives and this event was one such. Thanks to the CR team for organising this event and making me part of it.

Prasanna PM

My first experience during foundation week was with Vidya India in GHPS Avalahalli. Interacting with the students from fourth to seventh grade first hand was an enjoyable experience. Our task was to help the students understand the importance of good nutrition and hygiene. For the Ecowatch event, our task was to help repaint the walls of the school. I had an enriching experience interacting with the students and helping to paint the walls.

Shiv Bidani

Thank you for arranging such a beautiful NGO visit. The experience was a pleasant shift from our work and enjoyed playing a small part in the lives of those kids. True happiness lies in spreading smiles, we definitely experienced it that day. Thanks to PwC for giving us an opportunity to do so. Would love to attend more of these in the future and actively participate by doing my bit.

Shreya Juhunjhunwala

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