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Kulpreet Dhamija’s recent meet with Jaivir gave her an opportunity to gain insights on PwC India Foundation

It appears, across the business landscape, the need for Corporate Responsibility has taken giant leaps from pure philanthropy during pre-colonial times to social development post independence. My recent expresso meet with Jaivir Singh, Vice chairman of PwC India Foundation, one of the key driver of these emerging trends has given me an opportunity to learn few of such valuable insights on how PwC has contributed towards this trend by working in high need areas across the country and beyond over the last nine years.

During my interaction, Jaivir shared that he belives that an organisation as a whole should be an integral part of social development as there is a deep linkage between the country’s economic growth and social well-being.

PwC India Foundation goes back to 2008, when Corporate Responsibility was still evolving and ever since then has come a long way. Many milestones have been achieved through tie-ups with NGOs and pro bono advisory services. Moreover, projects covering key aspects of sanitation, which could mitigate the low attendance issue among girl students, have been a highlight of the Foundation’s work. The key insight learnt during the expresso meet was how the adoption of thematic areas for a five year period has helped the Foundation to focus on areas and communities that are underserved and hard to reach.

However, from a human needs perspective and emergence of humanitarian crisis in today's time, PwC India Foundation has always been at the forefront and greatly equipped to address major disasters. Citing the example of natural disasters, Jaivir explained that most philanthropic response is limited to first-aid solutions, which need to be transformed into longer-term solutions. This interaction with Jaivir, helped me broaden my understanding towards the foundation and has motivated me to donate some of my time towards the foundation. 

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