Day out with Students

The Corporate Tax team in Bengaluru engaged with 15 students of Government Tamil Higher Primary School children on 6 September 2017. The team had organised for a cab to pick these children up and they were delighted as it was a new experience for them. The theme of the entire day was pursuit of excellence and we were convinced that humility, kindness and calmness helps us get ahead in life.

We started the day by forming groups of three – four to interact with the children and make them feel comfortable. We organised fun activities like ‘passing the parcel’ and ‘musical chair’. We also gave the children a bag of goodies like books, soaps etc.

To reinforce the message of cleanliness and hygiene, we handed out pamphlets to the children on the good habits to inculcate, basic hygiene and cleanliness with them. The volunteers discussed these with the children in small groups. All the volunteers stepped out of their comfort zone and despite the language barrier connected with the children. Among the claps and laughter, this was a learning experience on the 'good habits' that we often forget to inculcate in the busy hours of our life.

The school children put up an amazing dance performance for the volunteers. The ambience was filled with fun, laughter and excitement. The day ended with a quick lunch. Between reminiscing about the past and learning some forgotten values themselves, the volunteers did find 'something' that resonated with their core.

Volunteer Speak:

“Some precious time spent with the little gems, made me realise that happiness lies in small things of life.” – Reshu Agarwal

“The feeling was great as we got glimpses of our own childhood.” – Bharat GR

“Enjoying the little things, smiling no matter what and being well mannered is what I learnt. I miss my childhood days.” – Kunal G

“Often we fail to count our blessings and crib about our imperfect lives. Those joyful faces, innocent smiles and content souls left me thinking how poor we are in front of them (despite all the materialistic comforts we have). Lots to learn from those beautiful souls." – Gurwinder Singh

“I learnt the nature of giving. They were ready to share even the chocolate that they got without a second thought in their mind. This shows the selflessness and the honesty they possess, which we have in some way lost as we grew up.” - Shimona R Jain

"Interacting with kids filled me with tons of nostalgia and a whiff of jealousy on how kids can find happiness in little things. Specially, their innocence, ability to express themselves and most importantly having fun without any barriers is something that struck a chord with me." - Yashyank Agarwal

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