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“It’s Saturday morning and I don’t feel like getting up” – This is what most of the employees think and I am no different. But something struck me that morning and I woke up straight out of bed. I was to participate in the beach cleanup drive as part of an employee engagement activity organised by the CR team in Mumbai.

Once the group of volunteers reached the location, we saw that there were around 300 volunteers from different corporates and organisations. It was overwhelming experience for the 20 of us to partake in the drive with so many like minded citizens. It was a great opportunity to interact with all of them and work as a cohesive unit during the activity. We were allotted an area on the beach for cleanup and were provided gloves and other accessories for the activity. Our task was to dig into the sand and collect the plastic in a bag post removal of sand. This initiative was taken up at Dadar beach for the first time though we have been doing the same at Dana Pani Beach on a regular basis. Considering the proximity of beach to our Shivaji Park office, this cleanup drive was closer to my heart.

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By the end of it, we were all satisfied that we could contribute towards the environment and thankful to the foundation for providing such opportunities on a regular basis. The participation of senior management acted as a huge motivation factor for all of us.

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