PwCites travel to Ajmer to discuss sanitation and hygiene

Six volunteers visit the Government schools in Ajmer 

July saw six PwCites visit the Government schools in Ajmer to interact with students of different age groups.  Last year, the Foundation supported 11 schools with infrastructure, operations and maintenance. To ensure sustainability, soft skills training was imparted in association with NGO FINISH Society.

Volunteers from PwC conducted several sessions, competitions and activities on sanitation, health and hygiene. Students shared their personal experience on adopting safe sanitation practices in their families and friends. The children and staff are now well equipped with maintaining hygiene in washrooms and hand washing units.  

Furthermore,  volunteers shared their observations for improvement for the schools. The report will help the PwC Foundation team in  mitigating the challenges experienced by the school. 

Feedback from some of the volunteers

"My experience at Adarsh Nagar School for the visually challenged students changed my perception towards them. The students are unbelievably confident, humorous, good natured and participated well in different games. They were independent enough to do their daily activities and didn’t need anybody’s help. They followed the sanitation process which the volunteers made them familiar with and helped other students  who had same  vision. The one thing that I liked the most about these children is their knowledge on technology. It was quite an enriching experience for me.”
-Karpagam SP

"It was a wonderful experience having to interact with the children and know about the impact that PwC Foundation has made on them. I was personally overwhelmed interacting with one of the girls who ensured that the toilet is constructed at her home too. These children are empowered with the knowledge and skills that would help them go ahead in life. With sanitation facilities, their health status is bound to improve."
-Neha Chauhan

"This trip was an eye-opener for me, as the things we take for granted are sometimes difficult to get for some less privileged sections of the society. But the enthusiasm of the children and the Principals was heartening to note. In the process, I also learnt some hygiene practices myself (for example, the hand washing technique)." 
-Abhinesh  Dhandhania

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