A visit to Waste to Wonder park

As part of the Earth Hour initiative, CR team in Gurgaon undertook a activities to spread awareness about the Earth Hour, pollution, and waste management among children, in collaboration with a local NGO. The team of volunteers organised a trip for the children to ‘Waste to Wonder Park’. The park is home to replicas of some of the most visited monuments in the world. But what makes these structures unique is that these have been constructed from waste materials like scrap metal, discarded auto parts, that is procured from the landfills of the city. The volunteers proactively took an initiative to educate the children about the monuments and the history behind them. The children were also made aware about various kinds of pollutions and how they affect the environment. The volunteers encouraged children to contribute towards the Earth Hour by switching off lights and electrical appliances for an hour and also to spread awareness about the same among people around them.

PwC India Foundation | My experience | A visit to Waste to wonder park

It was an exciting experience for everyone - if one thinks creatively for a good cause one can create “wonders from waste”.

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